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Academic Hinduphobia - A critique of  erotic school of Indology
Academic Hinduphobia - A critique of erotic school of Indology

Academic Hinduphobia - A critique of erotic school of Indology

by Rajiv Malhotra

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Voice of India


9789385485015 - Year: 2016 - Pages: 426



Rajiv Malhotra
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Author: Rajiv Malhotra
Foreword/Introduction: Rajiv Malhotra
Publisher: Voice of India
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 426
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789385485015


The departments for the study of ancient India (Indology) and South Asian Studies in the West are the last bastions of colonialism today. In the name of scholarship, which is often hatred and racism in disguise, Hindus are routinely characterized as misogynists, oppressive, anti-minority, irrational, violent and debauched.

The author terms this mass-produced hate-mongering literature as 'Atrocity Literature'. Indian culture, he says, is reduced to 'cows, caste, curry, sati and dowry.' If these scholars are to be believed, several sections of Hindu society are apparently in need of being 'saved' by those bearing the white woman's burden even today. This volume is a compilation of several path-breaking essays, most of which were published online at the turn of the century.


In the late 1990s, a major controversy broke when I started to critique Wendy Doniger's depictions of Hinduism which most Hindus found vulgar and outright insulting. Some were too embarrassed to face them while many others found it too controversial to go public with their feelings. What started out as my debate with her students quickly turned into public outrage. There were numerous demands for better representation by practicing Hindus in the scholarship about their tradition.

Soon after my initial articles, Wendy Doniger's own University of Chicago Magazine interviewed me and did a large and balanced coverage. It was their leading story. The Doniger camp was shaken up at the vulnerability of this icon of Hindu studies.

Things flared up between the Indian diaspora and the American academy for several years, with numerous mobilizations and accusations from both sides. This fight was one of the defining moments in the awakening of Hindu thinkers about the way their discourse was controlled and distorted by others. The academic study of Hinduism has not been the same since.

The drama further intensified because with the help of her hordes of powerfully placed students, Doniger fought back. She arranged a front page article in The Washington Post and another feature article in The New York Times. Unlike the balanced treatment by the magazine of her own university, these were PR jobs tilted heavily in her favor.

The theater widened across the academic and literary circles of Europe, North America, and India as more players joined in on both sides.

Martha Nussbaum, the prominent feminist and University of Chicago colleague of Doniger, wrote a scathing book against Hindus and Hinduism with a whole chapter dedicated to me—without bothering to interview me even though that was suggested to her. She and Doniger have consistently ignored my requests for a live debate in public.


‘India is grateful to Rajiv Malhotra for his decades of personal sacrifice and pioneering original research. He has exposed the global nexus of Hinduphobia and established the foundation of India’s Grand Narrative.’
== Dr Subramanian Swamy, Member of Indian parliament

“The first perceptive Indian to warn us cogently about this plot to break up our country by an alliance of Afro-Dalit Tribals. NGOs and Christian evangelists was Rajiv Malhotra in his scholarly work, Breaking India. Today, what he was warning us about is coming to pass. Civilization alarm bells must go off among all patriotic Indians in the face of this concerted psychological and information warfare. India owes Rajiv a great debt of gratitude for his tireless service to fight for and uphold the values of this most ancient civilization. We can serve the cause of defending our civilization by reading and disseminating his thoroughly researched books. More power to your pen, Rajiv, and our grateful thanks for your untiring efforts, including this latest one.”
== Maj Gen (Dr) GD Bakshi SM, VSM (Retd)



Foreword by Rajiv Malhotra

1. The Academic Cult of Eroticizing Hindus
2. The Asymmetric Dialog of Civilizations
3. The Axis of Neocolonialism
4. RISA Lila-1: Wendy's Child Syndrome
5. RISA Lila-2: Limp Scholarship and Demonology
6. Wendy Doniger on the Couch: A Tantric Psychoanalysis
7. The Insider/Outsider: Academic Game of Sarah Caldwell
8. Response to Jeffrey Kripal's Sulekha Article
9. The Bindi as a Drop of Menstrual Blood
10. The Interpretation of Gods
11. The Washington Post and Hinduphobia
12. Challenging The Washington Post
13. Hinduism in American Classrooms

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