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Albuquerque - The Early Portuguese Settlement in India
Albuquerque - The Early Portuguese Settlement in India

Albuquerque - The Early Portuguese Settlement in India

by H Morse Stephens

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Asian Educational Services


8120615247 - Year: 2000 - Pages: 222



H Morse Stephens
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Author: H Morse Stephens
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 222
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120615247


Affonso de Albuquerque was the first European since Alexander the Great who dreamed of establishing an empire in India, or rather in Asia, governed from Europe. The period in which he fought and ruled in the East is one of entrancing interest and great historical importance, and deserves more attention than it has received form the English people, as the present ruling race in India.

Dr A C Burnell, an authority second to none in Indian historical questions, says in his prefatory note to A Tentative List of books and some MSS relating to the History of the Portuguese in India Proper: In the course of twenty years’ studies relating to India, I round that the history of the Portuguese had been shamefully neglected.

In attempting to get better information, he found that the true history of the Portuguese in India furnishes most important guidance for the present day, and the assertions commonly made about it are utterly false, especially in regard to the ecclesiastical history. I purpose, therefore, to give a short list of the more important works on the history of the Portuguese in the East during the sixteenth century, while they were a conquering and a ruling power, in the hope that it may be useful to any one wishing to investigate the subject further than it has been possible for me to do in this volume.

This work confines itself to the sixteenth century and to books on political history. As the author does not have the knowledge to classify the numerous works on the history of the Roman Catholia Missions in India, which is closely bound up with the ecclesiastical history of the Portuguese in the East.




The Predecessors of Albuquerque
The early Career of Albuquerque, The Rule of Albuquerque
The Conquest of Goa
The Conquest of Malacca and Relief of Goa
The Expedition to the Red Sea and Conquest of Ormuz
His Internal Policy
The Successors of Albuquerque
Nuno Da Cunha and Dom Joao De Castro
Dom Constantino De Braganza and Dom Luis De Athaide

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