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Amritanubhava  -  Ambrosial Experience with Cangadeva Pasati
Amritanubhava - Ambrosial Experience with Cangadeva Pasati

Amritanubhava - Ambrosial Experience with Cangadeva Pasati

by Sri Jnanadev

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Samata Books/Advaita


8185208131 - Year: 2006 - Pages: 150



Sri Jnanadev
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Author: Sri Jnanadev
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Ramchandra Keshav Bhagwat
Publisher: Samata Books/Advaita
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 150
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185208131


Jnanadeva opines that the Upanishads don't take anyone further than Amritanubhava. He further asserts that by taking this rich nectar people will gain liberation.

Canadadeva Prasasti, a composition of sixty-five verses is a fitting reply to a blank letter sent by the great Siddha Cangadeva who lived more than fourteen hundred years, explaining how both of them are one and same appearance of the Supreme.

Amritanubhava is a very mystic composition and a very difficult one to understand. First, it deals with a subject which is beyond comprehension. Secondly it was written some seven hundred years ago in a language not very familiar to the present generation; besides it demands certain knowledge of basic concepts of sivadaita, Siddha philosophy and Vedanta. The text is full of illustrations and similes which though simple in tenor and need close study to appreciate their significance with reference to the context.

The greatness of the work can be judged from the fact that it is translated into several languages and there are good number of poetic rendering and copious commentaries.

Since Ramana Maharshi had no knowledge of Marathi, his disciple Athavale presented him a Sanskrit rendering of Amritanubhava done by Badve. After he finished his reading he rapturously told Athavale, "You did a great service to me; in this work, I had s direct vision of Jnanadeva. So far, I had only heard of him but now I am fully convinced. Jnanadeva was a king of saints. How great! I have no words to describe his greatness!"

The ennobling feature of this work is that it transports the mind rolling in the mud of mundane merriment to a very subtle realm where the soothing wind of spirituality turns it into a serene state.




Auspicious Prayer


I. The Absolute, Siva, and his Active Power, Sakti, Abiding together

II. In Praise of the Preceptor

III. Redeeming the Debt of Speech

IV. Explaining the Difference between Knowledge and Ignorance

V. Explanation of the three words Existence, Knowledge and Bliss

VI. Disproving the Word

VII. Disproving Ignorance

VIII. Disproving Knowledge

IX. Description of the State of Liberation in Life

X. Clarification about the Work

Cangadeva Pasasti


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