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Arunachala - From Rigveda to Ramana Maharshi
Arunachala - From Rigveda to Ramana Maharshi

Arunachala - From Rigveda to Ramana Maharshi

by A R Natarajan

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Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning


8188261181 - Year: 2004 - Pages: 114



A R Natarajan
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Author: A R Natarajan
Publisher: Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 114
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188261181


This book covers a vast panorama of over four thousand years from the Rigvedic seers to Ramana Mahrshi. Arunachala, a seemingly insentient hill, and the golden hued Ramana are the embodiment of the fire of knowledge. The purpose of this book is to rekindle in every human heart this smoldering fire now douched by ignorance.

In one sense this book is really many books rolled into one, at least five or six of them. Arunachala, the beauty of hill itself, its caves, the journey to the summit, Arunachalewara temple, the festivals, the power of Arunachala to draw to itself all the seekers of truth. It is also the radiance of Ramana. The places hallowed by Ramana's presence, and also the 20th century saints, Mahan Seshadri Swami, Azhagammal are all covered.

The book also is visible feast with 200 illustrations. Each picture is different, yet has a special compelling fascination.

Arunachala and Ramana are brought close to each home so that one can live in the redeeming and liberating thought of Arunachala Ramana.


Arunachala – From Rigveda to Ramana Maharshi
White Light in Rainbow Colours

1. Rock of the Ages
2. The Unique Effulgence
3. Parvati’s Enance and Reunion with Siva
4. Devi Mahatmyam – The Greatness of the Goddess
5. The Karthigai Festival
6. The Efficacy in Circumambulation of Arunachala
7. A Journey to the Sumit
8. Arunachaleswarar Temple
9. Arunachala Keeps beckoning
10. Arunachala as Guru-Guhai Namasivayam
11. Guru Namasivaya
12. Isanya Jnana Desikar
13. Dvija – Born Again
14. Places Hallowed by Ramana’s Presence
15. Mahan Seshadri Swami
16. Ramana’s Years on the Hill
17. Ramana’s Five Hymns on Arunachala
18. Azhagammal – The Woman Illumini
19. Sri Ramanasramam – The Ocean of Nectar
20. Ramana Maharshi’s Giri Pradakshina
21. Ramana’s Faith in Arunachala’s Glory
22. Leave it to the Hill Leave it to Ramana
23. Arunachala Ramana – The Blazing Fire of Knowledge

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