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Astrology and Your Future
Astrology and Your Future

Astrology and Your Future

by Y Krishna Murthy

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Sura Books


8174782427 - Year: 2006 - Pages: 154



Y Krishna Murthy

Author: Y Krishna Murthy
Publisher: Sura Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 154
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174782427


This small book is designed to benefit the ordinary reader who does not know much about the ancient science of astrology. The author has not given the calculative part of astrology so that the reader might easily follow the classical rules.

Astrology is an indicative science. It indicates, to a certain extent, what is likely to happen in future. But as we all know it is only the creator Brahman who can decide with certainly what is going to happen. He has given in this book a good description of the fundamental principles of astrology according to the classical texts like Jataka Chandrika, Jataka Parijatha, Jathaka Marthanda, Uttara Kalamruta and others.

All the twelve houses of the Zodiac have been explained and treated individually regarding their significations and the position of different planets. A chapter on yogas has been given separately. Results of different dasas of planets and the Gochara or results of planets in transit are treated in different chapters


Introduction-What is Astrology
Astrology-Its Foundations
Judgment of horoscope
Lagna or Thanu Bhava
Bhagya sthana-House of fortune and Luck
Dasa System
Gochara or Transits
Kuja Dosha
Astrological indications for Competitive Examinations
Astrological indications for IAS and High Judicial Officers
Combinations for Gains through Speculation, Lottery and Other Sources
Chances for Foreign Travel
Astrological Combinations for Business
Astrological Factors for Love Marriages
Female Horoscopy
Important Points in Matching of Charts for Marriage
Importance of Navamsa
Aruda Chakra
Dasa Bhuktis of Planets
Gochara Vedha

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