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Beyond Life and Death - A Dialogue Between Yamaraja and Nachiketa
Beyond Life and Death - A Dialogue Between Yamaraja and Nachiketa

Beyond Life and Death - A Dialogue Between Yamaraja and Nachiketa

by Swami Suprajnananda

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Sri Ramakrishna Math


9788178835761 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 84



Swami Suprajnananda

Author: Swami Suprajnananda
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 84
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178835761


‘If you look, you will find that I have never quoted anything but the Upanishads. And of the Upanishads, it is only that one idea, strength,’ said Swami Vivekananda loved Kathopanishad most. Kathopanishad containing the dialogue between Yama, the God of Death, and Nachiketa, the young boy with intense spiritual aspiration, is a time-honored text dealing with the issue of death, life, and what lies beyond it. It’s simple and yet highly profound wisdom has guided the lives of scores of spiritual aspirants down the millennia.

This book presents Swami Vivekananda’s exposition of the Kathopanishad. It juxtaposes what Swami said in different contexts with the original verses.



Publisher’s Note
1. Qualifications of a Seeker
Chapter I Canto 1
2. Sacrifice of Vajasravas
3. Shraddha and Enquiry
4. Conversation between the Father and the Son
5. Nachiketas’ Self-esteem
6. Death receives Nachiketas
7. The First Boon
8. The Second Boon
9. Second Boon Sanctioned
10. The Third Boon: What is Beyond?
11. Death Refuses to Answer
12. Nachiketas’ Steadfastness
13. Death Makes Amends
14. Blazing Renunciation of Nachiketas

Chapter I Canto 2
15. Two Ways: Perfection and Enjoyment
16. Death Praises Nachiketas
17. Knowledge and Ignorance
18. Course of the Ignorant
19. Self-Knowledge: Very Difficult to Attain
20. Need of a Spiritual Teacher
21. Qualifications Required for Self-Knowledge
22. How the Knower Behaves
23. What is Beyond Virtue and Vice
24. Om: The Sound-Brahman
25. Nature of the Self
26. Ignorants remain Ignorants
27. God's Mercy: the Prerequisite for Realization
28. Confluence of the Extremes
29. The Knower does not Grieve
30. The Self bestows Self-Knowledge
31. Cultivate Character

Chapter I Canto 3
32. The Self and the self
33. A Simile: The Chariot, the Charioteer, Horses, Reins and the Rider
34. Wild Horses and Incompetent Charioteer
35. Controlled Horses and Competent Charioteer
36. Incompetent Charioteer Leads to the Worldly
37. Competent Charioteer Leads to Emancipation
38. Fine Perception: A Prerequisite
39. Know Him and be Free

Chapter II Canto 1
40. Look within to become Immortal
41. Infinite not to be found in the Finite
42. How can we know the Knower
43. Duality Censured
44. Mind: the only Instrument
45. The Self shines in the Heart
46. Apparent Duality and Real Unity

Chapter II Canto 2
47. He is Everywhere
48. You are the Creator of Your Own Destiny
49. The One Manifests as Many
50. The Self not affected by the Limitations
51. Unto them belongs Eternal Peace
52. The Light of All Lights
53. Banyan of the Universe
54. Prana: the cause
55. Fear: Ignorance is the cause
56. Know your Self: Here and Now
57. ‘Here, Here is Knowledge. . .’
58. In the Pure Mind, He is seen
59. Control the Senses
60. Senses and Mind fall short of It
61. Way to Immortality: Renounce Desires
62. The Self Is Within: Thou Art That
63. Go Back to the Upanishads
64. Peace Abounds

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