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by Tyler Oakley

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Gallery Books


9781501117695 - Year: 2015 - Pages: 307



Tyler Oakley
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Author: Tyler Oakley
Publisher: Gallery Books
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 307
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9781501117695


Pop-culture phenomenon, social rights advocate, and the most prominent LGBTQ+ voice on YouTube, Tyler Oakley brings you his first collection of witty, personal, and hilarious essays.

For someone who made a career out of over-sharing on the Internet, Tyler has a shocking number of personal mishaps and shenanigans to reveal in his first book: experiencing a legitimate rage blackout in a Cheesecake Factory; negotiating a tense stand­off with a White House official; crashing a car in front of his entire high school, in an Arby’s uniform; projectile vomiting while bartering with a grandmother; and so much more.

In Binge, Tyler delivers his best untold, hilariously side-splitting moments with the trademark flair that made him a star.



I’m not saying go out and snort a bunch of cocaine or do anything that’s going to seriously put you or the people around you in danger, obviously.

Binge on the things that bring fulfillment and happiness and satisfaction and make you feel alive. Binge on people who fascinate you and love that wakes you up from monotony. Binge on exploring, both your hometown and the farthest continent. Binge on the time you spend bettering yourself and petting dogs. Binge on picking your grandma’s brain and learning the story of the time she got cat fished. Binge on giving, in all senses. Binge on indulging.

We’re told every day from an early age that moderation is key. Count your calories, wait a while before you tell someone you love them, and remember that balance is the path to happiness. While all of those are great in theory, does a lesson taught from someone else’s mistakes resonate just as deeply as the ones you learn yourself? When you binge, you find your own boundaries.

Even if I spend every waking moment attempting to keep my life in balance, I’m going to fuck up. Having already fucked up quite a few times in my life, and having lived to tell the tale, I don’t regret any of it.

I’ve binged plenty of times in my life, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Regardless, I indulged. This collection is the result.



March 22
Dial-up Delight
Fecal Matters
Ladies' Man
Anything for a Dollar
Disney Princes
Brace Yourself
The T-Mobile Incident
All the World's a Stage
The Gay Chapter
High School Camp Counselor
Editor in Grief
Theory of My Life
The One That Got Away
Unnecessary Holiday Tradition
Crash Course
A Love Lesson
20 Things I'd Do If I Were Beyonce for the Day
Holy Matriphony
If You Can't Beet 'em
Mood Killer
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far
Dream Job
Pleasure & Payne
What Michelle Obama Smells Like
How Fitting
Ten Commandments
Hopeless Toe mantic
Unhappiest Birthday
Melancholy Fantasies

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