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Buddhism and Christian Faith
Buddhism and Christian Faith

Buddhism and Christian Faith

by E Ahmad-Shah

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Lucknow Publishing House


8187739592 - Year: 2012 - Pages: 220



E Ahmad-Shah

Author: E Ahmad-Shah
Publisher: Lucknow Publishing House
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 220
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187739592


Buddhism is presented in this book in a succinct form from two points of view: as understood from the Tripitakas— the "three baskets" containing records of the life and teachings of the Buddha; and secondly, as seen by scholars in India, China and Japan, the three principal countries in which Buddhism spread and took root. Written in the form of articles on different topics, the first part consists of the life and teachings of the Buddha described against a historical background and an account of the expansion of Hinnayana Buddhism in various periods.

The origin and growth of Mahayana Buddhism are discussed in historical perepective, and the reader is given concise information on Zen Buddhism. In the second part, after setting out the Christian faith in a form that can be understood easily by anyone learning about it even for the first time, the author goes into a comparative discussion of the theological concepts in Buddhism and Christianity.

The book is a helpful introduction to a study of Buddhism in relation to the Christian Faith. The other popular books by the author are: Theology: Christian and Hindu and Theology: Muslim and Christian, from the same publishers.




Part I Buddhism

Section A: Hinnayana Buddhism
Chapter I: Introduction
Article 1. Background of Buddhism
Article 2. Religious Conditions
Article 3. Five Stages of Buddha’s Life and Periods of Buddhist Thought

Chapter II: Annunciation and Exposition of Teachings of Gouttama Buddha
Article 1.The Sutta Pitaka (Sermon Basket)
Article 2.The Abhidhamma Pitaka (Super-Law Basket)
Article 3.1he Vinaya Pitaka (Discipline Basket)

Chapter III: Expansion of Buddhism
Article 1.Introduction
Article 2.Expansion among Tribal Groups
Article 3. Expansion among Feudal Monarchs
Article 4. Expansion of Buddhism Continued
Article 5. Expansion Before, During and after Ashoka
(a) In pre—Ashokan time (462B. C. 272 B. G.)
(b) During the Ashokan time (272-232 B: R.
(c) In post Ashokan time

Section B: Mahayana Buddhism

Chapter IV: The Origin of Mahayana Buddhism
Article 1. Introduction: Historical Background
Article 2. Ashvaghosha (38-I23 A. D.) – Key to Origin of Mahayana Buddhism
Article 3. Origin of Mahayana Buddhism

Chapter V: Historical Developments of Mahayana Buddhism
Article 1. Introduction
Article 2. Nagarjuna’s Madhyamika Sastra
Article 3. Yogacharya’s Vijnanavada
Article 4. Further Developments of Mahayana Buddhism

Chapter VI: Buddhism in China, S. E. Asia and Tibet
Article 1. In China
(a) Introduction: Historical Period
(b) The advent of Buddhism in China
(c) Its progressive development
Article 2. Buddhism in South-East Asia
Article 3. Buddhism in Tibet

Chapter VII: Zen Buddhism
Article 1. Possible Bases in Buddha’s Teachings
Article 2. Seeds of Buddhism in Ashvaghosha’s Buddha Charitra
Article 3. Zen Buddhism’s Background in the two classical Schools of India, modified by Chan School of China
Article 4. Zen Buddhism in Japan
Article 5. Zen Buddhism and its Cardinal Teachings
Article 6. Death-bed Scene of Buddha

Part II: Christian Faith
Chapter I: Theology is Christology
Article 1. Significance and Importance of the Bible
Article 2. Theology is Christology
Article 3. Christology
Article 4. The Spectrum of Christology
Article 5. Jesus Christ – His Humanity – the Son of Man
Article 6. Jesus Christ – His Divinity – the Son of God

Chapter II: Cosmology
Article l. Cosmology and God
Article 2. So-called Proofs
Article 3. What is Cosmology?
Article 4. Cosmology from the Scientific Viewpoint
Article 5. Biblical Cosmology

Chapter III: Soteriology
Article l. Introduction
Article 2. Existential Condition of Man as Sinner
Article 3. The Nature of Sin
Article 4. Atonement
Article 5. Significance and Importance of Sacrifice
Article 6. Salvation is for all

Chapter IV: Qodesh Ruachology (Discourses on the Holy Spirit)
Article 1. Meaning and Implication
Article 2. The Holy Spirit as Person
Article 3. Divine Person

Chapter V: Eschatology
Article 1. Meaning and Implication
Article2. Kingdom of God
Article 3. Scholar’s Interpretation
Article 4. Biblical View

Chapter VI: Kristo Katha for the Yellow Robe
Article 1. Introduction
Article 2. Revelation of God in Jesus Christ as Son of Man
Article 3. Revelation of God in Jesus Christ as Son of God
Article 4. Comparative Study of Origin and Nature of Cosmos and Samsara
Article 5. Man’s Origin, Existential Condition in Christian Faith and Buddhism
Article 6. Salvation and Gatti (Deliverance)
Article 7. Destiny of Man and the World


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