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Creation of the Khalsa - Fulfilment of Guru Nanaks's Mission

by Shiv Kumar Gupta

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Punjabi University


8173805733 - Year: 1999 - Pages: 402



Shiv Kumar Gupta
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Author: Shiv Kumar Gupta
Editor(s): Shiv Kumar Gupta
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 402
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173805733


Creation of the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh was the greatest achievement of his genius. It laid the foundation of brotherhood. Which produced in the fullness of time, men of uncommon bravery, unique devotion and rare sprit of sacrifice. The Khalsa was inspired by a sense of divine mission to right the wrongs of the world. Moreover, in doing this. Guru never deviated from the path shown by his predecessors. Guru gave sword in the hands of the Khalsa not to establish any political power but to defend the weak and the down trodden and to destroy the armies of the wicked and the tyrants, and to fight the dharm yudh. The Khalsa brought about a socio-cultural transformation in Indian life and thought, of which the hallmarks were liberty, equality and fraternity-values cherished so well by Guru Nanak.

The present volume includes twenty-five articles written by scholars from as diverse fields as history, sociology, philosophy, religion and art. Seven of these articles are directly related to the creation of the Khalsa and eleven on its impact whereas others are on guru’s life, Sikh tenets and theology. Collectively all these articles speak of the spirit behind the creation of the Khalsa-spirit to fulfil Guru Nanak’s Mission.

A multi-disciplinary volume dedicated to the Tercentenary of the birth of the Khalsa, IT will be of immense use and interest to the scholars from different fields.




Foundation of the Khalsa Commonwealth: Ideological Aspects
The Order of the Khalsa: Significance in World History and Civilization
The Khalsa-an Interpretation
Creation of the Khalsa: fulfillment of Guru Nanak’s Mission
Creation of the Khalsa: The Legacy
Khalsa Pant: Ideal Social Order of the Guru’s Vision
Creation of the Khalsa: Uniformity of the Sikh Society
Institution of the Khalsa: a Philosophical Perspective
Guru Gobind Singh’s Relations with Aurangzeb
Guru Govind Singh: the Last Phase
Humanism of Guru Gobind Singh
Guru Govind Singh in Indian Art
Some Light on Sikh Tenets
The Concept of Suffering and Liberation in Sikhism-A Philosophical Perspective
Transformation through Sikhism
Social Harmony In Sikhism
Sikhs and the Nature
Initial Sikh Coinage
Sikhs Overseas
And the British
Chief Khalsa Diwan in Historical Perspective: A Critique
Achievements of the Sikh Education Conference
Gandhi, Sikhs and Non-violence
Role of Babbar Akalis in freedom Struggle
The role of the Sikhs in the National freedom Struggle
Women and Development in Punjab
A Brief Survey of Sikh Theological Studies

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