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Discovering the Realm Beyond Appearance
Discovering the Realm Beyond Appearance

Discovering the Realm Beyond Appearance

by Robert Powell

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New Age Books


9788178221304 - Year: 2005 - Pages: 200



Robert Powell
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Author: Robert Powell
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 200
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178221304


Like the river on entering the ocean loses its identity, so the individual upon entering the stream of consciousness loses his own separate existence. Let us talk over how this works in practice.

Consciousness use the brain, expresses itself through it, but consciousness is not in the brain, the brain is in consciousness.

Inquire directly into consciousness, your real nature. The best way for you to pursue this pathless path is not through research into science, which, as you rightly state, is thoroughly dualistic, but through your own meditation, your own inquiry, so that you may get the necessary insights first-hand and not from hearsay, and eventually a taste of the non-dual, the timeless, which alone is real.


The meaning of your existence is primarily to realize your true nature, that you are not just an individual, so that your life may stand in service of the world as a whole and make it a little less miserable. All else is mere entertainment, without ultimate meaning, as Nisargadatta put it so poignantly.

But once you have realized your true nature, when individuality has been seen for the illusion it is and so has been transcended once and for all, there is only the totality. Now where could the Totality go? It is at once everything, completely fulfilled-it is fulfillment itself. Therefore, the question of meaning cannot apply for one, or more accurately, for That which has realized itself. We can only talk of meaning when there is intentionality, direction, a movement from here to there, form incomplete to complete, applying to a fragment, the false image of an entity. It could not possibly apply to that which by definition is Everything, Complete and Perfect in Itself.
-Robert Powell


Entering the Stream of Consciousness

Non-Duality appears Counter-Intuitive to the Dualistic Mind

Maya is a Stage in Our Understanding

Death is Feared Because It is Not Understood

Thinking is a Double-Edged Sword

Inquiry-Man’s Highest and Noblest Activity

Two Maverick Masters-J Krishnamurti and Nisargadatta

Taking One’s Stand in the Eternal

Religious Beliefs, Morality and Spiritual Truth

Reincarnation-Fact or Fiction?

Conversation on Vulnerability, Criminality, Memory, Crazy Wisdom, Sacred Art, and Other Topics

Conversation with Sri Poonja on Body-Mind

Where is the Self? Where is I - ness?

Realization of Self through Short-Circuiting the Thought Process
Logic Applies to Thought, Intuition to Consciousness

By Force of Habit


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