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Doctrines of Pathology in Ayurveda
Doctrines of Pathology in Ayurveda

Doctrines of Pathology in Ayurveda

by K R Srikantamurthy

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Chaukhambha Orientalia


N/A - Year: 2007 - Pages: 230



K R Srikantamurthy
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Author: K R Srikantamurthy
Publisher: Chaukhambha Orientalia
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 230
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This book has emerged out of lecture notes prepared for teaching Indian Medicine. First published in Kannada in 1972, it was translated into Telugu and published in 1978. This English edition of the original Kannada has been brought out in response to demand from post graduate centres at Banaras and Trivandrum. The book is designed to serve as a text book especially for students of the graduate course. It can also fulfill the needs of the teachers and post-graduate students as a ready reference.

Ayurveda postulates that the human body is chiefly composed of Dosas, Dhatus and Malas. These form the physical components of the body. Atma (Soul) provides this physical component with cetana ( Consciousness, energy, activity). Only with the union of the atma, there can be prana (life) and jivana (living).

All these three - Dosas, dhatus and malas have certain standards in respect of their quantity, qualities and functions, which is known as vijnana or Samya vijnana (Normalcy). That branch of medical science which deals with normalcy is known as vikrti vijnana ( physiology) and that which deals with abnormalcy is known as Vikrti vijnana ( pathology).

The study of Vikriti vijnana should be undertaken only after the study of prakrti vijnana. Without the knowledge of the normal, the knowledge of the abnormal is irrelevant and misleading. So students of medicine should acquire the knowledge of the normalcy first and then study the abnormalcy.



Nidana Pancaka - the Five means of diagnosis
Nidana - aetiology
Dosas-Samya and Vaisamya - Normalcy and abnormalcy of dosas
Agni-Samya and Vaisamay - firelike acitivty-normalcy and abnormalcy
Dhatu-Samya and Vaisamay - tissues - normal and abnormal
Ojas - Samya and Vaisamaya - Normalcy and abnornalcy of Ojas
Kriyakala - evolution of diseases
Samprapati - pathogenesis
Roga - disease
Arista laksana - fatal signs
Upasaya / Anupasaya - diagnostic tests

Vikalpa Samprapti

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