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Essays in Honour of Dr Ganda Singh
Essays in Honour of Dr Ganda Singh

Essays in Honour of Dr Ganda Singh

by Harbans Singh

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Punjabi University


8173802998 - Year: 1996 - Pages: 534



Harbans Singh
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Author: Harbans Singh
N Gerald Barrier/
Editor(s): Harbans Singh / N Gerald Barrier
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 534
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173802998


This festschrift pays homage to Dr Ganda Singh, the much revered and distinguished Punjab historian. It celebrates a fact widely acknowledge-the fact of Dr Ganda Singh being a vital and pervasive influence in historical scholarship in the Punjab. By his persistent and critically important work he has acquired a unique prestige in the world of learning. Throughout his life he has been motivated by one single passion, by one sole purpose of exploring materials pertinent to Punjab history.

Beginning with no advantage other than his own intelligence and determination, he has covered decades of productive research of high quality and finesse. His has been a major role in the evolution of Punjab studies in India and abroad. His long and distinguished career as a teacher fostered generations of new scholars, while his own work-encompassing dozens of books in English and Punjabi-has set high standards in terms of academic honesty and discriminating use of source materials.

Scholars affiliated with the Punjab Studies Conference of the United States and with Punjab History conference of Patiala have lent their expertise in registering gratitude to Dr Ganda Singh and in acknowledging his contribution to historical research. There are a few others represented here form outside these forums. All the essays here deal with aspects of Punjab history. Thereby they serve to elucidate Dr Ganda Singh’s own work which relates exclusively to this field.

The selection does not trace the history of the Punjab systematically, nor does it cover every facet of Punjab research. The essays very widely in them and, in some cases, in treatment and literary quality as well. Yet there is a kind of unity of perspective. Collectively they reflect the variety and quality of research now being carried on within Punjab study circles. The volume mirrors not only the past and present condition of Punjab studies, but also points to the future in terms of new research direction and interpretation.




Ancient Punjab-A Panoramic View
Chandragupta Maurya-A Native of Punjab
Topography of the Punjab and its Adjoining Regions as reflected in Dandin’s prose
The Siddha tradition before Guru Nanak
Medieval Punjab
Trade and Investment in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Punjab: The Testimony of the Sikh devotional literature
Jatts of Punjab and Sind
Persian writings on Guru Nanak
A contemporary Jesuit document on Guru Arjun Dev’s Martyrdom
Aurangzeb and the Sikh Gurus
An early seventeenth century painting from Nurpur
Ala Singh-the Founder of Patiala State
The Sikh Misl
The Prem Sumarag-A theory of Sikh Social Order
Why did the British Turn a Somersault in 1808 in their Negotiations with Ranjit Singh
British Policy towards Sikhs, 1849-57
Quantification in Punjab social and Political History-Sources and Problems
Cunningham’s Attempt to Get Himself
Rehabilitated in the Political Service
The Bengali Elite in Post-Annexation Punjab-An Example of Inter-regional Influence in Nineteenth-Century India
The Agri-Horticultural Society of the Punjab, 1851-1871
Origins of the Singh Sabha
The Growth of the Railway system in the Punjab
The Sikhs in California
Ghadar Sources-Research on Punjabi Revolutionaries in America
Students, Sikhs and Swamis-Punjabis in the United States, 1899-1914
An Historical Study of the Punjabi Soldier in World war I
The Hindustan Socialist Republican Army-A Revolutionary arm of the freedom movement
Communalism, Factionalism and National Integration in the Pre-Independence Punjab congress Party
Research on Modern Punjab History currently Being conducted in the Punjab
Syncretism and the Formation of the Sikh Tradition
Incident at Nabha
Polemics and Conflict in Ahmadiyah History-the Missionaries, the Ulama and the British
Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi and the Khaksar Movement




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