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Evolution of Heroic Tradition in Ancient Panjab

by Buddha Prakash

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Punjabi University


8173806209 - Year: 2001 - Pages: 156



Buddha Prakash
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Author: Buddha Prakash
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 156
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173806209


Heroism is the spirit of dash and advance, gallantry and courage, activity and adventure. A hero is one who rejoices in sacrifice, revels in risks, disregards dangers, disdains death, harbours chivalry and values nobility. He is boisterous and ebullient, has a zest and lust for life, believes in action and endeavour, shuns renunciation and withdrawal strives for victory and expansion and loves to enjoy their fruits, but side by side, has a deep sense of values and ideals and directs all this energy and courage towards their pursuit.

In the present work this historical, social and cultural development is traced from the earliest period, of which we have written records, to the eleventh century on the basis of original sources which are often quoted within brackets inside the text. Since the history of ancient Panjab has not so far been studied with the fullness, it deserves, a recourse to original sources, painstaking and arduous though it was, became inevitable. However, the collection of shreds and search for threads has enabled me to weave a tapestry rich in design and glowing in colours and thus attractive in appeal. It is hoped that it will add a new dimension to our understanding of the historical evolution of the Indian people.



How Geography Generates Heroism
The Martial Ardour of the Vedic Period
The Heroic Society of the Epic Age
The Heroic Philosophy of the Bhagavadgita
Heroic Scenes from the Mahabharata
Social Structure of Warrior communities
The Response to the Achaemenian Challenge
The Resistance to the Macedonian Invasion
The Contribution to the Maurya and Sunga Empires
The Struggle with the Yavanas, Sakas and Kusanas
The Era of Consolidation and Expansion
The Guard on the North -Western Frontier

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