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Explaining the Universe - The New Age of Physics
Explaining the Universe - The New Age of Physics

Explaining the Universe - The New Age of Physics

by John M Charap

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Universities Press


8173714673 - Year: 2004 - Pages: 226



John M Charap
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Author: John M Charap
Publisher: Universities Press
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 226
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173714673


John Charap offers a panoramic view of the physicist's world as the twenty-first century opens. The view is entirely different from the one that greeted the twentieth century. We have learned that the universe is billions of galaxies larger than we imagined- and billions of years older.

We know more about how it came to be an what it is. Because of physics, we live in a world, of greater danger and more convenience, smaller particles and bigger ideas.

Charap introduces these ideas but spares us the math behind them. After a review of the twentieth century's thorough transformation of physics, he checks in on the latest findings form particle physics, astrophysics, chaos theory, and cosmology.

His tour includes ongoing efforts to find the universe's missing matter and to account for the first moments after the big bang. Taking readers right to the field's speculative edge, he explains how super string theory my finally unite quantum mechanics with general relativity of produce a consistent quantum theory of gravity.

In this book's pages, the nonphysicist will accept as commonsensical Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, and physicists can met across specialties. Students can access physics critical concepts, and poets can learn a new language to describe the universe's many wonders. Taking us from the ultra-violet catastrophe that undid the Newtonian world to tomorrow's Theory of Everything, Charap brings today's most fascinating science down to earth, where we can all enjoy it.


In this book, a distinguished scientist gives an inside view of the advances of the last century and those that will happen in the next, it is a joy to read. The story is interesting, and John Charap knows how to tell it.
-Mark Kidger,
Author of Star of Bethlehem: An Astronomer's View

John Charap introduces the reader to the wonderfully broad range of topics of active research in physics. This book will be inspiring and instructive for students who might be persuaded to look more deeply into physics, Charap enlivens his text with charming anecdotal illustrations.
-P J E Peebles,
Author of Principles of Physical Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics



A Note on Numbers


Physics 1900

Heavens Above

Chance and Certainty

Order out of Chaos

Your Place or Mine

Many Histories, Many Futures


Weighty Matters


In the Beginning

Down To Earth




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