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Glimpses of Sri Lankan Buddhism
Glimpses of Sri Lankan Buddhism

Glimpses of Sri Lankan Buddhism

by D C Ahir

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Sri Satguru Publications


8170306639 - Year: 2000 - Pages: 296



D C Ahir
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Author: D C Ahir
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 296
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170306639


Sri Lanka is the only country where the Original Teachings of the Buddha has been preserved in its pristine purity ever since its introduction there in the third century BC. It is also the country where flourished to date the sacred Bodhi Tree, a direct descendent of the original Bodhi Tree at Bodh Gaya in India.

The Pali Tipitaka was also committed to writing for the first time in Sri Lanka and the honor of having the sacred Tooth relic of the Buddha also goes to Sri Lanka. The glimpses of such a glorious heritage of Buddhism in Sri Lanka are presented here in twenty-six chapters written by various authors.

For better appreciation, the material has been divided into eight parts. Of these, the first five parts give a comprehensive survey of - The history of Buddhism, and its influence on Sri Lankan culture; Pali Canon, and commentaries; The Sinhala Sangha, Buddhist Shrines, Art and Architecture; and Buddhist Ceremonies and Festivals of Sri Lanka.

The next two parts give an overview of the India-Sri Lanka Cultural Interaction in the past, and Sri Lanka's Contribution to Buddhist Revival in modern India. The last part highlights Sri Lanka's contribution to the World Buddhism by way of the Buddhist Flag, and the World Fellowship of Buddhists, an International Organization of all the Buddhist.




I. Historical Survey:
1. The introduction of Buddhism/D.C. Ahir.
2. A historical survey of Sri Lanka/Ven. N. Jinaratana.
3. Buddhism in Sri Lanka : its past and present/Nandasena Mudiyanse.
4. The influence of Buddhism on Sri Lanka's culture/Ven Walpola Sri Rahula.

II. Pali Canon and Commentaries:
5. Pali Canon/D.C. Ahir.
6. Pali Tipitaka: its commentaries, sub-commentaries and English translation/Ven. Dickwela Piyananda.

III. The Sinhala Sangha:
7. The Vinaya and its significance in the Sri Lankan Buddhist tradition/L.P.N. Perera.
8. The Bhikkhu Sangha in modern Sri Lanka/D.C. Ahir.
9. The revival of the Bhikkhuni Sangha in Sri Lanka/Amarasiri Weeraratane.
10. The ordination of the Dasa Sila Matas ar Sarnath/Ven. Mapalagama Wipulasara.
11. The Sinhala Sangha in South-East Asia/N.A. Jayawickrama.

IV. Buddhist Shrines, Art and Architecture:
12. The evolution of the Stupa in Sri Lanka/Ven. Mapalagama Wipulasara.
13. Treasures of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka/D.C. Ahir.
14. Heritage of Sri Lanka: Buddhist sculpture/Nandadeva Wijesekera.

V. Buddhist Ceremonies and Festivals:
15. Poya days/A.G.S. Kariyawasam.
16. The historic tooth relic festival/D.C. Ahir.
17. Vesak: Sri Lanka's fabulous festival/G. Srinivas Rao.

VI. India-Sri Lanka Cultural Interaction in the Past:
18. Indian monks in Sri Lanka/D.C. Ahir.
19. Sri Lankan monks and monastery at Buddha Gaya/D.C. Ahir.
20. Sri Lankan monks in Nagarjunakonda/D.C. Ahir.
21. Cultural relations between India and Sri Lanka in pre-colonial times/Ven. Y. Dhammavisuddhi.

VII. Sri Lanka's Contribution to Buddhist Revival in India:
22. The Maha Bodhi society of India's contribution/D.C. Ahir.
23. Sri Lankan monks in India/D.C. Ahir.
24. Indian Bhikkhus trained in Sri Lanka/D.C. Ahir.

VIII. Sri Lanka's Contribution to World Buddhism:
25. The Buddhist flag/B.K. Perera.
26. The world fellowship of Buddhists/R.L. Soni.

1. Buddha's three visits to Sri Lanka.
2. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's visit to Sri Lanka (25 May-6 June 1950).
3. My visit to Sri Lanka (18-24 January 1997).


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