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Himalayan Environment Conservation
Himalayan Environment Conservation

Himalayan Environment Conservation

by B D Sharma

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Anmol Publications


8126111380 - Year: 2002 - Pages: 204



B D Sharma
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Author: B D Sharma
Publisher: Anmol Publications
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 204
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126111380


Of all the mountain systems of the world the Himalayas are the longest and highest range of mountains which harbours a potentially rich and varied diversity of the spectrum of fauna and flora.

Today it is quite dismaying to note that the pristine glory and health aura of the Himalayas have been greatly damaged by man who has lavishly over-exploited all natural resources just for his greed and luxury without realizing its consequences.

The book also suggests the remedial measures to save the vanishing Himalayan mountains and the remarkable potentials of their natural resources.

It is, hoped, that the present book would be of immense interest for the Himalayan environmentalists, climatologists, mountain ecologists, hill development experts, highlanders, scholars, scientists, natural resource specialists, designers, planners and all others interested in the Himalayan ecosystems and their conservation.


List of Contributors
Ecological Degradation in Uttaranchal Himalayas
Tourism in the Himalaya: Environmental and Socio-cultural Concerns
Mineral resources of the Himalayas:Environmental Problems and Prospects
Impact of Mountain Tourism on Himalayan Environment
Study of River Pollution Control in Eastern Uttar Pradesh
Studies on Structural and Compositional Features of Some Grazinglands in Garhwal Himalaya: A Case Study
Effect of Grazing on the Producing Compartment in the Temperate Grazinglands of Central Himalaya
Environmental Management of Mining Areas in Doon Valley of Uttaranchal Himalaya
Ecological Issues Related to Large Reservoirs in Himalayan Region
Environmental Impacts of Badrinath Pilgrimage on Himalayan Region
The Role of Social Forestry in Conservation of Environment
Impact of Deforestation on Mountain Environment with Special Reference to Uttarakhand
Environmental Aspects of Water Resources Development Project in Himalayan Region
High Altitude Wild Animal Resources of the Himalaya
Some Aspect of Water Pollution in Loran-Mandi (Poonch) Kashmir Himalaya
Ecological problems of Nainital Lake of Uttaranchal Himalayas
Ecological Imbalances due to Road Construction in Himalayan Region
Ecological Perspective and Development in Kashmir

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