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Incredible Ascents to Everest
Incredible Ascents to Everest

Incredible Ascents to Everest

by Sumati Nagrath

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Roli Books


9788174367624 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 224



Sumati Nagrath
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Author: Sumati Nagrath
Foreword/Introduction: Tom Whittaker
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 224
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174367624


In celebration of 60 years of the first successful ascent, Sumati Nagrath has compiled the 'Incredible Ascents to Everest' - a chronicle of the firsts of every kind to have scaled the summit. What is it like to be there? If you pluck someone from sea level and drop him on top of the Everest, he/she will die within minutes. The early climbers spent months acclimatizing, plotting the routes to the summit - the unquenched thirst of the adventurers on earth.

After being part of every expedition described in the book, you still wonder what's with mountain madness. In his foreword, Tom Whittaker, the fist person with disability to have climbed Mount Everest, says, "The driving force behind mountaineering is humankind's need to sustain the soul through adventure. Keep climbing to your dreams"

Standing 8848 meters above sea level, Mt Everest is a geographical giant. Ever since it was established that the mountain is indeed the tallest in the world humans have tried to taming it.

The terrain is treacherous, the weather unpredictable and the atmospheric conditions extreme; danger of injury, illness, delirium and even death is ever present. Despite this, over the last 90 years, hundreds of men and women have attempted this perilous journey to the peak, and many have lived not only to tell the tale, but bask in the warm glory of the fame that this achievement naturally brings with it.

But it is more than a quest for fame that drives ordinary people to undertake this most extraordinary challenge of all. For people like George Leigh Mallory and the men of his generation the challenge was not just personal, they were attempting to scale the mountain on behalf of humanity.

It was 29 years after Mallory’s disappearance that Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay became the first people to stand on the peak of Mt Everest. The mountain, it seemed, could be tamed.

Those who came after were driven by a variety of reasons, but whatever their motivation, each of the climbers included in this book overcame extraordinary odds to reach the top of the world’s tallest mountain. In the process not only did they create history, they also shattered stereotypes to redefine the limits of possibility.

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