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In/disciplines  -  Notes on Politics, Education and Culture
In/disciplines - Notes on Politics, Education and Culture

In/disciplines - Notes on Politics, Education and Culture

by Rajesh Sharma

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Three Essays


9788188789849 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 207



Rajesh Sharma
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Author: Rajesh Sharma
Publisher: Three Essays
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 207
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788188789849


The essays in this book, written over a decade and half, are an exercise in making sense of a world in pieces. Located in the post-partition Punjab on the Indian side of the border, these range over cinema, poetry, fiction, historiography, autobiography, theory, pedagogy, legislation, corporate power, democracy, and democracy’s shadowy others.

The essays in this book are attempts to read such texts in the moment of their making, of their being written. A long, hard look at an apparently contingent text can sometimes yield, I suppose, something of enduring interest and value. In fact, it is today all the more important to cultivate a sustained critical gaze because the objects, the key texts, invite inattention. They attract attention barely long enough to deflect and bounce it off. The gaze must be disciplined to pause on its object long enough to read the history and the possibilities coded in a passing moment.


The location of these essays is the Indian side of Punjab, also known as east Punjab to distinguish it from the Pakistani side. The location explains, I hope, the writer’s stance, scope and limitations. This should be most obvious in the section on culture. I have always felt, acutely and with anguish, that the partition in 1947 left the stature and promise of culture in this fertile and embattled part of the world greatly reduced.





Marginal Notes on Punjabi Cultural Identity

The Unwritten Poetry of Punjabiyat

Abuse of Discourses of the Modern and the Postmodern: The Forging of Para-histories for the Punjab

Pash – Killed, Not Finished

Lal Singh Dil and the Poetics of Disjunction: The Poet as a Political Cartographer

‘Golmolization’ of the Punjabi Ethos: Simulation as Representation in Bride and Prejudice

Recipe Fiction, 1984 and Anita Rau Badami’s Undercooked Nightbird

Diasporic Dialectics and the Politics of Cinematic Representation: Looking through American Desi

Martydom and the Politics of Its “Truths’

Concocting another Neo-racism

Labyrinths of Darkness: A History of the Partition

Coming to Terms with the Punjab Within

On the Threshold of Cultural Renaissance?


Towards Pattern Recognition

A View of Democracy from the Corporate Hill: On Ratan Tata in Conversation with Shekhar Gupta

To be or not to be Arundhati Roy

Shadow over Democracy in Punjab: Implications of Some Attempts at Legislation

For a New Political Imagination

Politics of the Spectacle: Reason Retreats when Images Invade the Political Arena

Ideology’s Indian Avatars: Perry Anderson’s Unhappy Encounters

Critical History of Our Times


Reclaiming the Humanities, Reimagining Democracy

Higher Education and Information Technology: Mapping a Relationship

The State of Our Universities

Education for Employability

Foreign Faculty, for What?

Globalization, Growth and Democracy: Challenges before Higher Education

Time for a Paradigm Shift in Higher Education

FDI in Higher Education: Is There Really a Case?

Textures of Violence: Education and the Forging of Subjects

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