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Interfaith Spirituality - The Power of Confluence
Interfaith Spirituality - The Power of Confluence

Interfaith Spirituality - The Power of Confluence

by Anand Amaladass SJ

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9788184654561 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 109



Anand Amaladass SJ

Author: Anand Amaladass SJ
Leo D Lefebure/Several Contributors
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Ambrogio Bongiovanni/Leonard Fernando SJ
Publisher: ISPCK
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 109
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788184654561


Once the parameters of a dialogue are established between people of different religious traditions, the challenges and rewards of the process lead many religious believers and scholars to a greater awareness of the plurality of religious beliefs and persuasions. During the course of their individual theological reflections they have reached the conclusion that religious plurality can no longer continue to be addressed as a subsidiary issue. Their view and understanding of other religions entails the interpretation of the truth and meaning of their own religion in the critical light of other religious paths.

A paradigm shift seems to be emerging in the sphere of interfaith dialogue. One of the paths advocated and followed during the discussion on religious beliefs and practices is the shift from the doctrinal to the spiritual dimension within each religious tradition. Spirituality is now seen as a key factor with the power to unite and give meaning to people’s lives both in the East and the West.

India, cradle of many religions and a nation known for its multi-cultural and multi-religious diversity, has been threatened in recent years by fundamentalist tendencies that consider all others outside their own faith as the enemy. At the same time, India continues to be a land where people from all over the world come in search of a spiritual path that will lead them to peace and find meaning of their life. People of one religious tradition have no qualms about appreciating a spirituality that promotes God experience and betterment of people. The growing tendency in Europe among people who consider religious affiliations and practices as superfluous is noticeable. At the same time, there are also many from the West who seek and find spiritual wealth in their own religious practices as Well as the Eastern faiths.

This international scenario was the backdrop for the seminar on the theme “Streams of Spirituality for Interfaith Thinking” that brought together practitioners of interfaith dialogue from diverse continents. The participants of the seminar, held in Hyderabad at Henry Martyn Institute (3-4 January 2013), firmly believe that the different streams of spirituality within religions can become the creative source not only to foster inter-religious thinking but also to renew each other’s faiths in order to enjoy peace and promote harmonious living across religious and cultural borders.



Introduction by Ambrogio Bongiovanni

PART I: Interfaith Spirituality

Intercultural Encounter for a Meaningful
Living Together (Konvivenz) by Anand Amaladass SJ
The Dialogic Principle by Ambrogio Bongiovanni
Spirituality: Key to Future Interreligious Relations by Leo D Lefebure

PART II: The Power of Confluence

Stream of Spirituality for Interfaith Thinking: A Hindu Perspective by Reeta Bagchi
Interfaith Dialogue and Islam by Farida Khanam
Christian Spiritual Resources for Christian-Muslim Relations by Victor Edwin SJ

Gathering Fruits: Streams of Spirituality for Interfaith Thinking by Tom Kunnunkal SJ

“Experience Islam” Programme for Indian Jesuits by Paul Jackson SJ


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