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It's Not Rocket Science - 4 Simple Strategies for Mastering the Art of Execution
It's Not Rocket Science - 4 Simple Strategies for Mastering the Art of Execution

It's Not Rocket Science - 4 Simple Strategies for Mastering the Art of Execution

by Dave Anderson

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9788126560035 - Year: 2016 - Pages: 223



Dave Anderson
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Author: Dave Anderson
Foreword/Introduction: Tom Crean
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 223
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788126560035


Frustrated by your efforts pursuing the "next big thing"? It's Not Rocket Science is your personal guide that gives you the power to ignore the lure of ineffective trends and eschew the endless false promises that hold most businesses back. Leadership guru Dave Anderson shows you how to get your company back on track, back to basics, and back in control with the most effective and sustainable drivers of business growth. Why search for the holy grail of business success when you've already heard, been taught, and know the key fundamentals that will help your company thrive for the long haul?

It's Not Rocket Science offers a commonsense approach to business success and outlines a basic, effective, and actionable four-step blueprint for building a great organization of any size, in any arena. It reveals how to seamlessly execute a goal or vision that is clearly defined and consistent; put in place the leaders that have the capacity to get the job done; create a culture that is aligned with the company's vision; and develop a winning team that has the talent, process, and guidance to get the job done. Whether you are leading a business, nonprofit organization, military unit, or sports team, you will find the four simple steps for mastering the art of execution applicable and effective.

Each chapter opens with The Challenge, which outlines a condition existing in business today that is due to a departure from leadership fundamentals and a pursuit of the latest version of "rocket science" business trends. After a thorough explanation of "what" and "why," the author describes the actionable "how" so you can implement the valuable steps and master the art of execution in your organization. Interspersed among the chapters are Anderson's witty and wise Rocket Science Rants. These are blunt and somewhat politically incorrect pieces that endeavor to shed a no-fluff light on the subject at hand.

It's Not Rocket Science is the book to keep on hand as a reminder of the four timeless execution methods and strategies that have proven themselves over centuries. Now you have the keys for getting the leaders right, getting the culture right, getting the people right, and getting the process right!


"Dave Anderson's four simple execution strategies will help you turn even the boldest of goals and strategies into results."
== John C Maxwell, New York Times bestselling author and speaker

"Dave is refreshingly direct in his observations on how to improve your performance. I found the book filled with practical advice that will challenge even the most skilled leaders on to greatness."
== ED Bastian, President, Delta Airlines

"There are numerous ways to describe what you receive from a Dave Anderson book: inspiration, vision, confidence, and go-to strategies all come to mind. In It's Not Rocket Science, Dave ties it all together into a process that helps us execute relentlessly on a daily basis."
== Tom Crean, Head Coach, Indiana University men's basketball

"This will be on the test: Humans are the same today as 100 or 1,000 years ago—we just have new stuff to deal with. So instead of running around with your hair on fire trying to decide which trendy business guru to listen to, read Dave Anderson's It's Not Rocket Science. Dave will reveal to you (maybe just remind) why focusing on four timeless metrics sets you up to deal with the new stuff that matters, without getting a hair out of place. Thanks, Dave."
== Jim Blasingame, author of The Age of the Customer, and host of The Small Business Advocate Show

"When we reworked our mission, vision, core values, and culture, Dave's voice shaped our thinking and our movement forward. And now, just when we needed it most, through It's Not Rocket Science, Dave once again delivers much needed perspective and extremely practical help on how to execute our strategy!"
== Shawn Thornton, Seenior Pastor, Calvary Community Church, All Things New radio show

"In my view, business schools do a good job setting out basic management principles and the metrics for organizational performance. What we are not very effective at is providing needed insight for linking the two. In It's Not Rocket Science, Dave does a great job of filling in that gap."
== Roger Stover, Professor of Finance, College of Business, lowa State University




Part One Get The Process Right!
Chapter One Why Your Team Cannot Execute and How to Fix It
Chapter Two Make Each Day a Masterpiece
Chapter Three Get TUF!
Chapter Four The Fray Gets in the Way!
Chapter Five MAX It!
Chapter Six The Power of a Personal Success Profile (PSP)
Chapter Seven MAP It!
Chapter Eight RAM It!
Chapter Nine Prune It!
Chapter Ten Don't Mistake Motion for Progress!
Part One Summary

Part Two Get The Leaders Right!
Chapter Eleven Do You Over manage and Under lead?
Chapter Twelve Stretching, Trenches and Changing
Chapter Thirteen You Are the Catalyst!
Chapter Fourteen Buy-in Is Earned, Not Commanded!
Chapter Fifteen Get Your Red Belt On!
Chapter Sixteen The Truth about Mediocrity
Chapter Seventeen Beware the Five Seductions of Leadership
Chapter Eighteen Five Ways Conventional Wisdom Destroys Your Potential
Chapter Nineteen The Power of Preparation
Chapter Twenty A Blueprint for Making the Tough Calls
Chapter Twenty-One Four Ways to Measure Your Leadership
Part Two Summary

Part Three Get The Culture Right!
Chapter Twenty-Two Remember--It's the Culture, Stupid!
Chapter Twenty-Three The Core Value Pillar
Chapter Twenty-Four The Mission Pillar
Chapter Twenty-Five The Performance Standard Pillar
Chapter Twenty-Six Establish Your Business Facts of Life
Chapter Twenty-Seven The Core Competency Pillar
Chapter Twenty-Eight The People Pillar
Chapter Twenty-Nine The Earn and Deserve Culture
Chapter Thirty-The Ideal Cultural Portrait--Consistent In, Mediocre Out
Chapter Thirty-One Weave in Catalyst, Responsible and Lead
Chapter Thirty-Two Entitled Out, Tough-Minded In
Chapter Thirty-Three Sloth Out, Loyal In
Part Three Summary

Part Four Get The Team Right!
Chapter Thirty-Four How to Find the Great People You're Looking For!
Chapter Thirty-Five Like is Never Enough!
Chapter Thirty-Six You Can't Make People What They Are Not!
Chapter Thirty-Seven Ten Tips to Retain Talent
Chapter Thirty-Eight Fix the Roof While the Sun Is Shining!
Chapter Thirty-Nine Six Ways to Increase Employee Engagement
Chapter Forty The Staggering Cost of Poor Performance
Part Four Summary
About the Author
Glossary of Master the Art of Execution Terms

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