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J Krishnamurti - The Making of a World Teacher
J Krishnamurti - The Making of a World Teacher

J Krishnamurti - The Making of a World Teacher

by Nandini Patnaik

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SET Publications


N/A - Year: 2012 - Pages: 120



Nandini Patnaik

Author: Nandini Patnaik
Publisher: SET Publications
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 120
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


A scrawny, sickly child who mostly suffered through his childhood; an apparently vague, low-witted and academically incorrigible boy who suffered severe punishments in the hands of his school teachers; yet extremely loving, caring, and keenly observant - the eighth child of a Telegu brahmin family: He was J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986). He lost his loving mother as a child of ten, was uprooted from family as a young boy and lost his very dear younger brother later in his young adult life, yet his mind retained no memories of the yester years.

He was born into the orthodoxy of Hindu traditions, picked up and groomed along the esoteric doctrines of the Theosophical Society, but nothing left residues of conformity to such traditional knowledge that intended to shape his thinking. Devoid of formal education and distanced from scriptural knowledge, he offered a fresh look into what we call religion and what we understand as virtue. His philosophies revolutionized the whole concept of living and dying.

The heosophical Society portrayed him as the pivot of worldwide spiritual leadership, but he stepped it aside. Breaking away from all organized faith, he declared Truth is a pathless land and the most essential quality to tread this land is freedom: not from anything, but total, unconditional freedom.

Then, that benediction is where you are! What is the mystery of the life and mind of this saint teacher who has illuminated the lives of millions? A young curious mind seeks to explore the mysteries of this sage and takes a walk with the life's foot prints of this great Buddha. This book is a prelude to turning around your own life by discovering for yourself what you are - as if looking in a mirror.

"To observe" -- what does it mean? To observe, to see, to listen -- it is very simple, is it not? You observe the trees, the flowers, the birds, the squalor, the dirt on the road, the poor people, the rich people. You just observe…When you begin to observe, you will become sensitive, you will become alive. And from that sensitivity, you will have feeling. When that feeling becomes strong, you will be a flame. And from that flame there is action. And that is real compassion. And only that can alter the world…
== J. Krishnamurti (Madras. 3rd Public Talk.8th Dec. 1963)

Your mind becomes astonishingly alert if you merely listen - not interpret what you hear, not try to translate what you hear, not identify what you hear with what you already know; all these
prevent you from listening. But if you merely listen- listen to your thoughts, listen to your demands, to the despair of your it being, not try to interpret it , not translate it, not try to do some- thing about it - then you will see your mind becomes astonish- ingly clear.
== J Krishnamurti (Madras,1st Public Talk, 12th Jan. 1964)

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