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Kumbha  -  India's Ageless festival
Kumbha - India's Ageless festival

Kumbha - India's Ageless festival

by Dilip Kumar Roy

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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan


9788172764265 - Year: 2009 - Pages: 256



Dilip Kumar Roy

Author: Dilip Kumar Roy
Indira Devi/
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 256
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788172764265


The Kumbha has been rightly described as India's ageless festival. It has been one of the greatest phenomena in which the collective urge of a race finds expression.

The Kumbha draws not only the mystic and the pandit, the ignorant villager and the superstitious woman, the businessman and the politician, but evokes deep-rooted sentiments in persons of the calibre, education and outlook of Dilip Kumar Roy and the highly sensitive and psychic Indira Devi. That it should evoke sentiments and lend inspiration to persons of such varied equipment in every stratum of life shows that there is something fundamentally important in the Kumbha.

The book gives a vivid description of the many sadhus and saints as also of the fakes and frauds whom the authors came across in the Kumbha.

This book is an outstanding classic - a literary creation in the field of hagiography-written by Sri Dilip Kumar Roy with the joint authorship of his daughter-disciple Smt. Indira Devi.

Amidst the negative atmosphere of God-denial this authentic account by the two pilgrims of the stars - Dada Dilip Kumar Roy and Mother Indira Devi - bring a new ray of light to the sincere seekers of Truth.




Invocation by Richard Miller

Tradition by Sri Krishnaprem

Foreword by K.M. Munshi

A few words by Shankar Bandyopadhyay

Preface by Dilip Kumar Roy

Introduction by Dilip Kumar Roy


1. Why did they come? By Indira Devi

2. The kumbha as a symbol by Dilip Kumar Roy

3. Our quest rewarded by Indira Devi

4. The legend of kumbha by Dilip Kumar Roy

5. Does spirituality mean business? By Indira Devi

6. The mythology of kumbha by Dilip Kumar Roy

7. The hour before the dawn by Indira Devi

8. Thoughts on kumbha by Dilip Kumar Roy

9. Lighthouses of kumbha by Indira Devi and Dilip Kumar Roy

10. The message of kumbha by Dilip Kumar Roy

11. Contagion of the holy by Dilip Kumar Roy




Yogi sri jai Krishna giri

A View of the triveni sangam during kumbha

Sri Gopal Baba, Sri Rama Snehi and party

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