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Love Stories from the Mahabharata
Love Stories from the Mahabharata

Love Stories from the Mahabharata

by Subodh Ghose

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Indialog Publications


8187981792 - Year: 2005 - Pages: 330



Subodh Ghose

Author: Subodh Ghose
Pradip Bhattacharya/
Translator(s): Pradip Bhattacharya
Publisher: Indialog Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 330
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187981792


Erotic in style and content, this collection unearths the forgotten and lesser known tales of love from the great epic. The narrative is sensuous and often sensual in detail, pulsating with the blood and throb of bodies that breath in unison, in a world particularized by its own mores. Parikshit and Sushobhana, Agni and Svaha, Agastya and Lopamudra, and many more lovelorn couples take the reader on a journey through the crosscurrents of physical desire and psychic union.

A literary work assumes epic proportion because it survives the ravages of that great obliterator-Time. It survives because it has something eternal which appeals to people across the boundaries of time and space. Generations of poets wish to draw their subject matter from the inexhaustible treasure house of the epics. But then, they invest the stories with their own interpretation, which is essentially a reflection of the contemporary more s and social, moral and cultural environment. And the success and acceptability of the new creations depend entirely upon the sensitivity of the writer. The Mahabharata, at the end of Chapter VI, says, As the clouds sustain everything and everyone, the Mahabharata will provide sustenance and inspiration to all future generations of poets and writers.


Translator’s Note

Introduction by Major Gen S K Sen

Parikshit and Sushobhana
Sumukh and Gunakeshi
Agasya and Lopamudra
Atirath and Pingala
Mandapal and Lapita
Utatha and Chandreyi
Samvaran And Tapati
Agni And Svaha
Bhaskar and Pritha
Vasuraj and Girika
Galav and Madhavi
Ruru and Pramadvara
Anala and Bhaswati
Bhrigu and Puloma
Chyavan and Sukanya
Jaratakaru and Astikaa
Janak and Sulabha
Devsharma and Ruchi
Ashtavakr and Suprabha
Indra and Shruvavati

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