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Madhyanta - Vibhanga       (Part I)
Madhyanta - Vibhanga (Part I)

Madhyanta - Vibhanga (Part I)

by Th Stcherbatsky

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Sri Satguru Publications


817030301X - Year: 1992 - Pages: 172



Th Stcherbatsky

Author: Th Stcherbatsky
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1992
Language: English
Pages: 172
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817030301X


The Vijnanavada school of Buddhism represents the latest and final form of that religion, the form in which, after having transformed India’s national philosophy and leaving its native Indian soil, it spread over almost the whole of the Asiatic continent upto Japan in the East and Asia Minor in the West where it amalgamated with gnosticism.

The Madhyantra-Vibhanga-Sastra of Maitreya-Asanga with its commentaries, the bhasya of Vasubhandhu and the tika of S thiramati, belong to the most fundamental works of this Vijnanavada (Yogacara) school of Northern Buddhism. This present book contains English translation of the first part of the text i.e. the double essence of ultimate reality.



I. Introduction

II. The Universal Constructor of Phenomenal Reality

III. The Threefold Aspect of the Constructor of Phenomena

IV. The Dynamics of the Creator of the World-Illusion

V. The Absolute

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