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Medical Pluralism in Contemporary India
Medical Pluralism in Contemporary India

Medical Pluralism in Contemporary India

by Rama Jayasundar

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Orient BlackSwan


9788125045014 - Year: 2012 - Pages: 408



Rama Jayasundar
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Author: Rama Jayasundar
Maarten Bode/Several Contributors
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): V Sujatha/ Leena Abraham
Publisher: Orient BlackSwan
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 408
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788125045014


Medical Pluralism in Contemporary India questions the dominant view of indigenous systems of medicine as cultural remnants of a traditional past. It points out that their practitioners greatly outnumber those of biomedicine (allopathy) and explores the reasons behind the enduring presence and importance of health care traditions such as ayurveda, siddha and unani.The authors go beyond simplistic distinctions like traditional–modern and science–culture. They draw attention to the possibility of bridging the divide between knowledge systems, and prepare the ground for a socially and culturally inclusive approach to healing and health care.Aspects of commercialization and globalization of traditional medicines are also examined.About The Editor’s:V. Sujatha is Associate Professor at the Centre for the Study of Social Systems, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.Leena Abraham is Associate Professor at the Centre for Studies in the Sociology of Education, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.


ContentsList of Tables and FiguresPrefaceList of AbbreviationsIntroductionV. Sujatha and Leena AbrahamPART IKnowledge and Society: Ancient Medicine in the Contemporary Set-up1. Contrasting Approaches to Health and Disease: Ayurveda and Biomedicine by Rama Jayasundar2. Ayurveda in the Twenty-First Century: Logic, Practice and Ethics by Maarten Bode3. The Patient as Knower: Principle and Practice in Siddha Medicine by V. SujathaPART IIMedicine, State and Society4. AYUSH and Public Health: Democratic Pluralism and the Quality of Health Services by Ritu Priya5. Tension, Placation, Complaint: Unani and Post-Colonial Medical Communalism by Neshat QuaiserPART IIIAway from the State: Initiatives of Practitioners and Protagonists6. Competing for Medical Space: Traditional Practitioners in the Transmission and Promotion of Siddha Medicine by Brigitte Sébastia7. Medicine as Culture: Indigenous Medicine in Cosmopolitan Mumbai by Leena AbrahamPART IVCompeting Indigenities: Mainstream versus Marginal in Medicine and Healing8. Strengthening Childbirth Care: Can the Maternity Services Open Up to Indigenous Traditions of Midwifery? by Mira Sadgopal9. Global Standards and Local Medical Worlds: The Case of Childbirth Practices by Tulsi Patel10. Recovering from Psychosocial Traumas: The Place of Dargahs in Maharashtra by Bhargavi V. Davar and Madhura Lohokare11. Local Health Practitioners in India: Resilience, Revitalisation and Reintegration by Unnikrishnan Payyappallimana and G. Hariramamurthi12. Commercialising Traditional Medicine: Ayurvedic Manufacturing in Kerala by M. S. HarilalGlossaryReferencesList of ContributorsIndex

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