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Mystic Saints of India  (Set of  10  Volumes)
Mystic Saints of India (Set of 10 Volumes)

Mystic Saints of India (Set of 10 Volumes)

by B K Chaturvedi

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817386222 to 251 - Year: 2002 - Pages: 1227



B K Chaturvedi
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Author: B K Chaturvedi
Publisher: Books for All
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 1227
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817386222 to 251



Shankaracharya Propounder of the Advait philosophy, the Adi guru was perhaps the first mystic saint of India who had a national vision to bind this large tract of Aryavarta into a single cultural entiry. The book narrates all his achievements in philosophical field apart from explaining the most terse metaphysical concepts in a most lucid language while weaving his life-history out his works the chosen few of which have been translated into Hindi and English and included in the appendix.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu The founder of the Sankirtan tradition in the Bhakti cult, Chaitanya was the pioneer in making Bengal and Orissa instinct with Krishna Bhakti. Himself believed to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna, Chaitanya preached the religion of single minded devotion. The book not only reveals his life-history and gives the gist of his teachings it also compares his impact upon Krishna-Bhakti now spreading all over the world.

Raman Maharshi

Raman Maharshi Perhaps the most logical thinker ever produced in the orient, Raman Maharshi, was the philosophers philosopher. His concepts of destiny and free-will have drawn devotees from all parts of the world. Though a votary of non-dualism (advaita) he also advocated devotion as a definitive way to God-realisation. The book contains not only his life history but also the essence of the gem of thoughts that he disseminated apart from their independent scrutiny with a rational approach.

Saint Kabir

Saint Kabir a most hand-hitting thinker-poet of iconoclastic mould, Kabir was also a reformer whose poems have such a ring of eternal truth that they appear ever-relevant. The book narrates not only his life-history called from his works and the authentic legends but also his Saakhis (Dohas) and Pada (lyrical poems) with their original text, romanised version and Hindi-English translation.

Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Ramakrishna was perhaps the first modern saint of India who considered all the religions, many of which he himself practiced, as pathways to God. Born about two centuries ago his teachings and precepts have still their much relevance in the modern, complex life wherein man often finds himself bewildered at the confusing cross-currents of contradictory thoughts. He deprecated narrow sect differences and advocated answering devotion to God as the means of salvation. He could change people’s life by his mere tough or presence, and actually did so in the case of many including arch disciple, Vivekananda. This small volume endeavours to give a systematic account of Ramakrishna’s life and disciples and of his philosophy explained in an unbiased and simple down-to-earth manner.

Swami Vivekananda

The first Indian Saint who took the world by the storm and the founder of the Ramakrishna Mission, Vivekananda was a man of dynamic energy and inspiring personality. He preached the supremacy of Vedantism and is believed to be the first one to bridge India’s past and present.

This small volume contains not only a brief account of his development from being a nervous aspirant to a seasoned saint but also the select compilation from his thoughts and views touching upon every fact of our national life.

Meera Bai

Perhaps the only Saint, poetess of the Northern India, Meerabai, represents the inherent rebellious urge of the Indian women suppressed for ages under the false notions of pride and prestige evolved by male chauvinism. She revolted against them and sought succour in her unbridled love for her chosen deity, Lord Krishna. Her poems convey her agony and ecstasy in a very simple language that touches the listeners’ heart instantly.

This small book contains not only her biography revealed in the form of a story but also
her most popular lyrical poems together with their text, the Romanised version and their rendering in Hindi and English. This unique poetess-saint from the Medieval times is deemed as one of the gems of India’s Bhakti-Era and this book reveals all about her life and creation in a most systematic way.


Perhaps the best lyrical poet-saint that Hindi vernacular has ever produced, Soordas had a numerable life but by dint of his undying devotion to Lord Krishna he became the most sung poet in the heart-land of India.

This book weaves his life-story evoked basically from his own creations, in the absence of the authentic details, in a sort a novelette and gives his selected poems original text, its Romanised version alongwith Hindi and English translations, for the benefit of those have no knowledge of Hindi and Braja-Bhasha. A prized book for the library of those who wish to glimpse at the very soul of devotional India.


Tulsidas hailed as the greatest Medieval poet of Hindi original dialects, it was he who single-handedly saved the Hindu faith from callapsing due to internecine sectarian feuds and presented before the world a unique vision of the Indian idealism through his magnum opus: Sriramacharitamanas. This book recreates his life-history from the available legends and the hints about his personal life thrown in his own creations, in a monolith forth, and gives his most famous poems original text, its Romanised version alongwith their Hindi and English translations for the benefit of those who have only heard about him but have not read his gems due to the language barrier. An indispensable entry to the devotees library who love to learn about the very ethos that formed the Indian psyche.

Sri Aurobindo

A revolutionary who got transformed into a scholarly saint and poet, Aurobindo is the unique poet-saint whose life-history reflects the change in the thought-process that Indian history witnessed in its most troublesome period. Instead of opting for the glamour and ease of the Indian Civil Service, he choose these rigours of political history but later retired to Pondicherry to compose The Life Divine, Savitri, The Essays on Gita like incomparable works.

This book tries to capture all that he achieved or aspired to achieve with a deep insight into his life from childhood to his end about half a century ago. A must book for every awakened Indian.




Series’ Editor’s Notes


Shankarachaya: The thinker and Guru Par Excellence
His Early Life
In Quest of Knowledge
The Triumph of Advaitism
His Lat Days
Advaitic Vedanta: His Interpretation
Famous Works of Shankaracharya
The Holy Spots and Place
Associated with Shankaracharya
A Visionary Saint Beyond Compare


(Their Original Text, Romanised Version along With Hindi & English Translation)
Dwadashapanjarika Strotram
Kaupeenpanchakam Strotram
Charpatapanjarika Stratram

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu


Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
(Devotion Personified)

Birth and Early Years

Youth and Initiation

Divine Manifestations

The Sankirtan Triumphs

Renouncing the Family Life

Wanderings of a Monk

Is Last Days

Chaitanya’s teaching and Related Literature

Raman Maharshi


Series Editor’s Note


Raman Maharshi: A Great Contemporary
Saint And Philosopher

Birth And Other Events

Whom am I?

Destiny Versus Free-Will

Silence Is Golden

His Views On The World Vis-a Vis God

Must We Have A Guru?

Is Renunciation Necessary
For Self-Realisation

The Realisation, Maya And Suffering

The General Impact Of
The Maharshi’s Teachings

Saint Kabir

Kabir: A unique poet-
Thinker of Iconoclastic mould

Birth Legends

Important Events of Life

Confrontation with Sikandar Lodi

His Last Days

Poems of Kabir

Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa: A Universal Saint

Important Family Events, Birth And Priesthood

Before The Divine Mother

Visions of other Deities

Visit to the Native Place And Marriage

Divine Frenzy And Meeting With Bhairavi And Totapari

Pilgrimage, Sadhana With Sharada Devi And Familial Bondages

Illustrious Associates, Visitors And His Disciples

His Teaching And Views

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda: A Saint with Universal Vision

Birth and Early Years

At the Feet of Sri Ramakrishna

The Wandering Monk

On the Global Stage

Return to India of the Triumphant Swami

Second Close Encounter with the West

The End of the Journey

Views and Thoughts of Vivekananda

Faith and Strength
Powers of the Mind
Education and Society
Serve Man as God
Religion and Ethics
Man the Maker of his Destiny
India: Our Motherland
Other Exhortations

Places in India closely associated with Vivekananda

Meera Bai


Series Editor’s Note


Meera: A Unique Saint-Poetess of Northern India

Her Birth and Early Years

Marriage and Tribulations

Meera Survives Further Attempts On Her Life

Visit to Vrindavan and Dwarika and Her Coalescence With Her Lord

The Places Associated With Meera

Original Text, Romanised Version and Hindi-English Simultaneous Translations of Meera’s Famous Verses and Popular Songs



Series Editor’s Note


Soordas: The Doyen Among Hindi Lyrical Poets

Birth and Initial Years

Youth And other Events Including Blindness

Soordas meets Vallabhacharya

Soordas meets Tulsidas and his last days

Poems of Soodas: With their Original text, its Romanised version and the Poem’s translation in Hindi and English



Series Editor’s Note


Tulsida: A Par Excellence Poet With Universal Vision

Birth and Early life upto Marriage

Wife’s Admonition Turns Ram-bola into Tulsidas

Tulsidas Turnsa into An ascetic Devoted to Ram

Tulsidas Creats his Magnum Opns

Tulsidas and Emperor Akbar

His last Days and Death

Places and spots Associated will Tulsidas

Famous Poems, Orisons, Panegyric Poems, Bhajans and Prayers created by Tulsidas. With their original text, Romanised version and Hindi-English translation

Sri Aurobindo


Series Editor’s Note


Maharshi Aurobindo: A mystic poet with revolutionary fervour

Birth and early childhood

Education in England

The love for the motherland burgeons

Back home

The revolutionary spark gathers flame

Yogic experience and politics

Plunge into national struggle

Nirvana (Renunciation)

The Prison Pilgrimage

The Poet’s prison experience

Stay in Chandernagore and escape to Pondicherry

Pondicherry-the base permanent

Arrival of the Mother

Sadhana and Creative Work

His work: Yoga and poetry

His end and the Ashrama’s subsequent activities

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