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Numerology, Gemology and Rudraksha
Numerology, Gemology and Rudraksha

Numerology, Gemology and Rudraksha

by Pravin S R Bhatia

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UBS Publishers


817476304x - Year: 2000 - Pages: 340



Pravin S R Bhatia
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Author: Pravin S R Bhatia
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 340
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817476304x


This book is a masterly exposition of numerology with detailed descriptions of each number with its attendant attributes in various spheres.

Numerology as a science is as old as recorded history. It deals with the effect the vibrations of numbers and the effect our names have in influencing our destinies. Why do we need numerology over other branches of astrology? Simply because it is more precise and predictable than others. The Hindus had known the significance of zero and link it with the immense void of the universe.

Do the stars govern us? Yes, they do. The sun is the pivot of the entire universe, including he planets that surround us. Each planet governs a number as well as a zodiac sign. Numbers have a order. Their functions are linked to a definite rhythm.

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