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Ocean of Grace   -   The Teachings of His Holiness Goswami Shri Prathameshji
Ocean of Grace - The Teachings of His Holiness Goswami Shri Prathameshji

Ocean of Grace - The Teachings of His Holiness Goswami Shri Prathameshji

by Shyam Das

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Pratham Peeth Publications


N/A - Year: 2007 - Pages: 201



Shyam Das
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Author: Shyam Das
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Shyamdas/Vallabhdas
Publisher: Pratham Peeth Publications
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 201
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Ocean of Grace reveals the priceless direct teachings of Goswami Shri Prathameshji, a pillar of the Pushti Marg (Path of Grace), renowned Dharma advocate, master musician, poet, and peerless teacher. Those dedicated to any devotional path will discover within His written and spoken teaching the invaluable guidance and wisdom of a genuine spiritual master. Shyamdas’ written recollections of his beloved teacher, along with transcripts of their personal discussions, offer the reader additional insight into the precious relationship which exists between a guru and disciple.


The author and translator, Shyamdas, lived and studied with his guru, His Holiness Goswami Shri Prathameshji, for eighteen years. Since the 1970s Shyamdas has resided in Vraja, the heart of sacred North India. He also spends several months of the year in Nathdvara, Rajasthan and in New York.

Shyamdas translates the Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujrati, and Vrajabhasha literary works of the Pushti Marga (Path of Grace) into English to create books filled with astounding poetry, accounts of grace-filled practitioners and saints, as well as ancient scriptures and commentary. These texts impart a clear vision of the non-dual philosophy and lineage of 15th century Bhakti Master Shrimad Vallabhacharya, forefather and guru of His Holiness Shri Prathameshji.



I. Enlightened Lifestyle
II.Kirtan in the Path of Grace
III.My Rain Filled Cloud
IV.Skillful Means
V.Musti: Divine Intoxication
VI.I bow to you, The Lord of Fire
VII.Dharma, a solution for anxiety
VIII.Satsang at he Kumbha Mela
IX.My Reflections
X.Seva, the Divine Service
XI.The Nature of Sadhana
XII.The Glory of the Name
XIII.The True Destination
XIV.A Devotee’s Life
XV.Devoid of Duality
XVI.Infant Krishna
XVII.All is God
XVIII.Pride and Refuge
XIX.Shri Krishna’s Ornamentation
XX.Shri Yamuna’s Greatness
XXI.The Art of Devotion
XXIII.The Govardhan Hill
XXIV.A Conversation on the Gita
XXV.True Dharma
XXVI.Pure Devotion
XXVII.The Grace Goddess, Shri Yamunaji
XXVIII.The Gopis and the Yogi Uddhava
XXIX.Inner Meanings
XXX.More Satsang
XXXI.Divine Offerings

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