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Om Namashivaya  - Thiruvasagham
Om Namashivaya - Thiruvasagham

Om Namashivaya - Thiruvasagham

by Swami Irainban

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Abhinav Publications


8170173636 - Year: 2000 - Pages: 272



Swami Irainban
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Author: Swami Irainban
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 272
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170173636


Tamil Language is a great treasure house of spiritual knowledge and literature. It abounds with treasures of priceless value and such a one is the Thiruvasagham, written by the Saivite Saint Manickavasaghar. It is his masterpiece and is undoubtedly the forerunner of all devotional songs in the Tamil Language and in any language for that matter. It has 51 chapters.

" Thiruvasagham" is, to put in a nutshell (656 verses), the pilgrimage of a soul from its pre-natal state to its final state of perfection-how the soul is born, first its inertness, its inablility, then its meandering into wanton ways, its realisation and then finally the merging with the rapturous bliss. It has been translated into English (prose) so that the nectar of spiritualism can seep into the heart of every aspirant, to raise him from this mundane plane on to a plane of Perfect Bliss.

Though he is a graduate (science) his ardent faith upon Self-realization and Literature makes him not an ordinary man but as a well-versed preacher of spiritualism. His slogan is “Trumpeting Vedanta into Thine Heart”. He is not engaged with any physical designation but he has dedicated his life to render service to all, through proper understanding of spiritualism.

He is also a versatile orator and has delivered more than 4000 spiritual lectures in several temples. Athmandam, Narayaneeyam, Abhirami Andhati-notes, Hindu Dharmam are published. Now, his Manamum Thianamum, Vedhanthamum Nadaimuraimum, Aranericharam & Avvaikkural-notes, Nathaupasanai- 400 Tamil krithis with ragas and thalas, Thirumanthiram- notes, Sree Mookapanchasathee-notes, Theerkadharasanam (Tamil) and Emancipational Commentary on Srimad Bhagavad Gita-English notes, books are in press.



Life-sketch of Saint Manickavasaghar
Shivapuranam (Shiva’s ways of old)
Keerthi Thiru Ahaval (The hymns of Shiva’s Renowned Acts)
Thiru Andappakudhi (The Cyycle of the Universe)
Potri Thiru Ahval (Sacred Hymns of Praise)
Thiruchatthakam (The Sacred Cento)
Neethal Vinnappam (Forsake Me Not)
Thiruvembavai (Morning bath of Maidens)
Thiruammanai (Ball Play)
Thirupporchunnam (The Sacred Golden Dust)
Thirukkothumbi (The Bumble-Bee)
Thirutthellenam (A Kind of Maidens’ Play)
Thiruchazhal (A Dialogue Play of damsels)
Thiruppoovalli (Play of Plucking Lilies)
Thiruwunthiyar (Victory over Spiritual Wisdom or Athma Gnanam
Thirutthonokkam (Purification of the Universe)
Thirupponoosal (The Sacred Golden Swing)
Annaippatthu (The Mother Decade or Ten Verses of Motherhood)
Kuyilppatthu (The Ten Verses of the Kuyil)
Thirutthasangam (The Sacred Ten Insignia)
Thiruppalliezhuchi (The Song of Rousing from The Sacred Couch)
Kovil Moothathiruppathigham (The Ancient Temple-Hymn)
Vil Thiruppathigham (The Sacred Temple Lyric)
Chethilappatthu (The Decade of Despondency)
Adaikkalappatthu (The Ten Verses of Refuge)
Aasaippatthu (The Ten Verses of Desire)
Athisayappatthu (The Ten Hymns of Wonder)
Punarchippatthu (The Ten Verses of Mystic Wedlock)
Vazhappatthu (The Ten Hymns of Disgust with Life)
Arulppatthu (The Ten Hymns of Divine Grace)
Thirukkazhukkundrappathigham (The Hymns of Sacred Eagle Mount)
Kandappatthu (The Ten Hymns of Darshan-Holies)
Prarthanaippatthu (The Ten Hymns of Petitioning)
Kuzhaitthappatthu (The Ten Hyymns of Self-Surrender)
Wuyirunnippatthu (The Ten Hymns of Devoured Soul)
Achchappatthu (The Ten Hymns of Fear)
Thiruppandippathigham (The Sacred Pandi Hymns)
Piditthappatthu (The Ten Hymns of Devout Grip)
Thiruvesaravu (The Sacred Grief)
Thiruppulambal (The Sacred Lament)
Kulappatthu (The Ten Hymns of Divine Thillai)
Arbhuthappatthu (The Ten Hymns of Miracle)
Sennippatthu (The Ten Hymns of The Head)
Thiruvaarthai (The Sacred Word)
Ennappathigham (Devout Musings)
Yaatthiraippatthu (The Ten Hyymns of Pilgrimage)
Thiruppadaiezhuchi (The Spiritual Mobilization)
Thiruvenba (The Sacred Stanzas)
Pandaya Naanmarai (The Ancient Vedas-Four)
Thiruppadaiaatchi (The Spiritual Exploits of The Sacred Hordes)
Aanandamaalai (The Rapture Garland)
Achchoppathigham (The Hyymns of the Highest Bliss)

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