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On Demnology and Witchcraft in Ceylon
On Demnology and Witchcraft in Ceylon

On Demnology and Witchcraft in Ceylon

by Dandris De Silva Gooneratne

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Asian Educational Services


8120613090 - Year: 1998 - Pages: 120



Dandris De Silva Gooneratne
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Author: Dandris De Silva Gooneratne
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 120
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120613090


A belief in realities of an invisible world of evil spirits as influencing, in a certain manner, many of the ordinary concerns of the human life, has not only always formed an integral part of the creed of a large majority of mankind in every age and country of the world, but has also had, and still has, to a considerable le extent, a certain strange, mysterious, and unaccountable fascination for the mind of man, even when reason happens to raise its authoritative voice of condemnation against.

This belief has, according to the amount of intelligence and civilization possessed by those among whom it prevails, given rise to various systems of superstition, of which some are of the most debasing and revolting character. And although here is scarcely a single country in the world, in which this belief does not more or less prevail in some form or other, yet there is none in which has developed itself in such gigantic proportions as in this beautiful island – Ceylon.

This book examines the different forms of superstition prevailing in Ceylon under the heads: Demonism, or the worship of demons or evil spirits/ Capuism, or the worship of gods, demigods and deified heroes / Grahaism or the worship of planets and stars / Other Superstitions or such as cannot properly be classed under any mentioned.


General Remarks on Demon Worship

The Demons of Yakseyo

How Demons Inflict Disease

Spells of Charms in General

Hooniyan Charms

Demon Possession

Dreadful consequenc of a Belief in Demon Influence

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