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Quest for Exceptional Leadership : Mirage to Reality
Quest for Exceptional Leadership : Mirage to Reality

Quest for Exceptional Leadership : Mirage to Reality

by Ravi Chaudhry

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Sage Publications


9789385985300 - Year: 2016 - Pages: 263



Ravi Chaudhry
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Author: Ravi Chaudhry
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 263
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789385985300


Widely acclaimed as a contemporary masterpiece, this book is a discerning analysis of the leadership vacuum that pervades the world. It outlines how leaders today can reach the summit of exceptional leadership by re-discovering the leadership traits that lie dormant within them. This 2nd edition is profoundly enriched by two new additions—a new preface: Why we Have Fewer Good Leaders, and a postscript: Persistent Doubts; Perennial Questions.

The innovative concepts that are already a part of the new leadership folklore—Four-Quadrant Matrix of Choice; Five Circles of Leadership Attitudes; Triple Top Line of Joy, Peace and Contentment and The Journey from Base Camp Leadership Traits to the Summit of Exceptional Leadership—have all been thoroughly updated with many inspiring insights that leave a lasting imprint on the reader.


A book for every corporate leader of the 21st century
== The Times of India


A most compelling plea for open management, a human story of values and attitude. It is a journey to get there!
== Ben Verwaayen, former CEO, Alcatel-Lucent, France

Indian business leader Ravi Chaudhry has written the best handbook for corporate executives in years, Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality. Chaudhry takes a global, long-term look at our rapidly evolving societies and their economies. He maps the con-tours of the new movements to reshape the architecture and rewrite the rules for business success. He focuses on seven key groups of change agents now leading the charge. Chaudhry's call for exceptional leadership is based on the new realities of our multi-polar world — beyond the trite formulas of the business and financial media and recipes of many consultants for short-term success. We in the West need to take off our cultural blinders and hear what the brilliant new voices are saying. Chaudhry comes out of an Indian tradition based on longer time horizons — all rooted in values beyond the money coefficients measuring Western success. In laying out his criteria for exceptional leadership, Ravi Chaudhry is precise, with hundreds of examples illustrating his strategies and recommen-dations, many unfamiliar to traders in London or Wall Street. Ravi Chaudhry is one of the new voices showing new ways ahead.
== Hazel Henderson, Founder, Ethical Markets Media, USA

A rare combination of sound business thinking and accessible philosophy.
== Victor Fung, Chairman, Li & Fung Group, Hong Kong

Very inspiring and very thought-provoking! Thoughts and knowl-edge collected over a lifetime have been condensed in very clear concepts that can be used in a very practical way by anyone in a leadership position in any organization.
== Arnold Galavazi, Director Asia, DHV Group, The Netherlands

Congratulations on writing such a terrific book. I am very much enjoying your insights.
== Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company

This is an amazing book, communicating messages that come straight from the heart and the enlightened mind in a language that will be understood by all, while evolving a completely new vocabulary in the area of business management and leadership. Although the book is primarily targeted at corporate leaders, the propositions in the book apply to all leaders and in fact to all of us. It is based on a lot of solid research and has a high knowledge density. On every page there is something to be learned or understood. The references and examples are enlightening and bring about a convincing clarity. It is not just thought-provoking but action-provoking and is full of change triggers, from mindset to heart-set. I am sure that as a 'critical mass' is formed of leaders who work with the tripod of exceptional leadership, there will be wave of change throughout the corporate world, a gradual but firm wave of change.
== Toine Van Megen, Founder, Renewable Energy Group, Auroville, India

In Quest for Exceptional Leadership, Mr Chaudhry seeks to change the world by transforming business leaders. It is both instructive and worth exploring further — indicative of the earnestness of author's quest for creating a better corporate world. Don Quixote did not manage to change the world but the world would be poorer if people like him did not try.
== Business Standard, India

So compelling, the way it touches the major issues of our time and how best to change these situations. The right inspiration.
== Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International

In his seminal book, the Indian business and thought leader Ravi Chaudhry has stressed the Quest for Exceptional Business Leadership that recognizes and acts on the basis of the new realities and chal-lenges of the twenty-first century. Exceptional challenges require exceptional business leadership. With it we may see the apocalyptic trends reversed.
== Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor of International Political Economy, IMD, Switzerland

Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality by Ravi Chaudhry is a wise and practical book. Interweaving analysis with the lessons of history and ancient wisdom, he shows 'how leaders today can help transform societies by marginally transforming themselves'. Ravi emphasizes that the 'journey to the summit of leadership is not an exercise in philanthropy but an imperative action' He begins by describing the 'seven prime realities of business today that have caused havoc with our lives'. He identifies 'seven allies to catalyze change' which by working together could accelerate the process of transformation. After describing the emergence of the triple bottom-line approach, he discusses how to overcome obstacles to conscientious choice and discover the Triple Top Line of joy, peace and contentment. With insight and nuance, he discusses the three traits of exceptional leadership: wholeness, compassion and transparency. Ravi envisions a world in which business schools would change their Masters programmes from MBAs (Masters in Business Administration) to MBCs (Masters in Business with Conscience). Business schools should integrate his book into the curriculum. Business leaders will find it 'a gentle guide' and a source of conviction that we need a new paradigm of leadership.
== Currents in Commerce, World Business Academy, USA

I do hope the book reaches out to enlighten the citizens of our country to the ills that are currently prevalent and help in building a better society for the coming generations.
== Ratan Tata, former Chairman, Tata Group

A ground-breaking new book.
== Jeff Black, Head of Creative MBA Programme, Meridian University, USA

A perfect blend of corporate governance and concept of trusteeship of Mahatma Gandhi.
== Venugopal Dhoot, Chairman, Videocon Group, India

Ravi Chaudhry draws attention to the changing paradigm shifts, which will become necessary for business leaders to achieve success in the future. He also suggests how leaders will have to refocus and align to the new methods to survive in a competitive and dynamic environment. The book has something for every corporate leader of the twenty-first century.
== The Times of India

One of those rare works where straightforward relevant manage-ment experiences and advice combine with most relevant political and philosophical foundations and provide a thrilling read! It gives a learned and incredibly imaginative guidance for top leadership in the corporate world and in other sections of society. It speaks a new language for socially responsible behaviour and shows that social responsibilities are not limited to those at the top, but rather that social responsibilities can take anybody to the top.
== Philippe Welti, Ambassador of Switzerland to India

A magnum opus — brilliant and thought-provoking.
== D. R. Karthikeyan, Former Director General, National Human Rights Commission, India

I agree with so many of your observations and conclusions. You are a great thinker and it was an honour to have dialogue with you.
== Nadine Hack, President and CEO, because Global Consulting Inc. USA

Pick of the month — a masterpiece worth reading.
== CFO India

Your book and your thoughts are very welcoming and timely and I truly did learn a lot from reading your book and participating in our panel conversation.
== Bill Fischer, Professor of Technology Management, IMD, Switzerland; co-author of The Idea Hunter

An excellent book. The scope and depth is truly outstanding. All sectors of our society — government, private sector, media and repre-sentatives of civil society — need to undergo a mindshift change and exceptional dissertations such as yours, to go a long way in showing us the path.
== Dhruv Sawhney, Chairman, Triveni Group, India

The best book on corporate governance I have ever read. I have rec-ommended to a number of my colleagues to read and I keep it as reference material.
== Joshua C. Ngoma, Founder, Tranter Holdings Limited, South Africa

An excellent treatise. While analyzing the approach of the emerging leadership to face the new challenges, the stress on human values and defining a structure of 'tripod of exceptional leadership' are unexceptionable. Reading through this excellent book has been an inspirational experience.
== D. N. Patodia, Former President, FICCI

A great book of leadership, enriched with personal mantra and refined wisdom of Ravi Chaudhry. Shows a crystal clear path for future leaders, the perfect mixture and harmony of the Western and Eastern cultures and philosophy.
== Mehmet Buldurgan, Founder, MBCO Strategy and Investment Consulting, Turkey

This book is remarkable in its depth of research and breadth of vision, convincingly articulating why corporate objectives can no longer dis-regard society's interests and why exceptional leadership comprising of wholeness, compassion and transparency can deliver enduring results for an organization in the long run. In GMR Group, we are making a journey towards building an institution in perpetuity in which, I am convinced, such leadership qualities will be essential in a rapidly changing world.
== G. M. Rao, Chairman, GMR Group

The path from average leadership to exceptional leadership, like the track of a high mountain, is strewn with difficult choices. But there is a path, all right. And Chaudhry's book illuminates it with ample light. The author does not get bogged down by the moral or ethical rot he sees around or turn this book into a gigantic lament (like many others often do). Instead, he shows the reader a way from turning the apparent mirage of exceptional leadership into a reality. == The CTO Forum



Preface to the Second Edition: Why We Have Fewer Good Leaders

Preface to the First Edition: Crack of Dawn for Responsible Leadership


Part I: Mirage of Exceptional Leadership

1. Reinventing Leadership: Seven Prime Realities of Business Today

2. Seven Allies to Catalyze Change: Accelerating Momentum for Social Consciousness in Business

3. Five Phases of Human Enterprise: Contours of the New Fifth Phase: Re-defining Criteria of Success

Part II: Mirage to Reality

4. Emergence of Triple Bottom Line Approach: Results Belie Expectations

5. Making the Right Choice: Overcoming Obstacles to Conscientious Choice

6. Discovering Triple Top Line: Of Joy, Peace and Contentment

7. Leadership Lessons from History: Perspectives from Egypt, India, China, Greece and Italy

Part III: Reality of Exceptional Leadership

8. Tripod of Exceptional Leadership: Base camp Leadership Traits and Journey to Summit of Exceptional Leadership

9. Wholeness: The First Trait of Exceptional Leadership

10. Compassion: The Second Trait of Exceptional Leadership

11. Transparency: The Third Trait of Exceptional Leadership

12. Exceptional Leadership in Practice: At Peace with Oneself, at Peace with the World

Epilogue: Transforming Our Destiny

Postscript for the Second Edition: Persistent Doubts; Perennial Questions

Notes and References


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