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Real Sikhism
Real Sikhism

Real Sikhism

by Surindar Singh Kohli

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Harman Publishing House


8185151644 - Year: 1994 - Pages: 266



Surindar Singh Kohli
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Author: Surindar Singh Kohli
Publisher: Harman Publishing House
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 266
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185151644


The misinterpretation of Sikhism due to the ignorance about the knowledge of the tenets and doctrines of Sikhism, expounded in the hymns of the Sikh scripture i.e. Guru Granth Sahib has led to various misunderstandings about this youngest of world-religions.

Several Sikh Scholars during the Sikh reform movement, known as Singh Sabha Movement, tried to enlighten the adherents of the faith about the Real Path and discipline. But various currents and cross-currents have again caused the simple and faithful followers forget their Real Religion, because most of them are no more saturated with their great heritage.

Though the Sikhs have spread far and wide and many of them have settled in distant foreign countries, they and their children, under the impact of totally new environment and culture have become oblivious of their language, culture and heritage. The foreign scholars and missions are creating great misunderstandings regarding their faith.

This book has been specially written to give them the correct understanding about their religion. Our religion is an independent religion and not an offshoot of any other religion. It has its own metaphysics, ethics and mysticism. It does not believe in any gods, goddesses, angels and spirits. The realisation of the One Transcendental Lord Through the discipline of the Name, enunciated by the True Guru is its objective.

It is against ritualism, formalism and symbolism. It is the religion of the householders, who lead a balanced life of spiritual and worldly grandeur. It has no belief in idol-worship, caste and miracles. It abhors intoxicants. All the special features of Sikhism form part of this work.



The Birth of Sikhism
The Definition of a Sikh
The Sikh and Khalsa
Sikh Concept of Godhead
Guru in Sikhism
Meditation in Sikhism
The Sikh as an Individual and as Constituent of Society
The Justification of Sikh Ethics
The Concept of Evil in Sikh Thought
Concept of Miri-Piri in Sikhism
The Episode of Devi-Worship
The Attitude of Sikhism Towards Caste, Ritualism, Miracles, Intoxicants, Idol-Worship and Meat-Eating
The Position of Woman in Sikhism
The Sikh Scriptures and Other Basic Religious Literature
Janamsakhis - Their Value and Importance



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