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Remedial Measures in Astrology

by G S Kapoor

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Ranjan Publications


8188230286 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 176



G S Kapoor
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Author: G S Kapoor
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 176
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188230286


From The Author

Our life is always full of difficulties, problems and stress and strains. Keeping in view the busy schedule of people in present day life, this Book contains easy and simple measures for protection from the malevolence of planets such as giving in charity things connected with such planets and prayers, recitation of mantras, fasting, wearing of gem stones etc.

The very simple, cheap and easy to perform remedial measures as given in the famous Urdu book 'Lal Kitab', have also been included in this book.

The diseases caused by the planets with reference to each Ascendant have been discussed and illustrated by horoscopes and remedial measures suggested in each case. The natural functions and nature of Sun, Moon and other planets and the evil they can cause if afflicted, has been described in sufficient detail to enable appropriate remedial measures being taken in time.

In brief, the material compiled in this book for protection from evil consequences of affliction of planets, is not only simple but also easy for practical use.




Chapter. I : Preliminary Knowledge about Birth Chart and some aspects of Astrology - Birth Chart, Houses, Signs, Constellations, Planets, Vimsottari Dasha and Information as to how planets get effected.

Chapter. II: Nature, Functions and Characteristics of Planets - effects of their afflictions

Chapter. III : Propitiation of Malevolent Planets by Prayers - Things which are to be given in Charity - Significance and utility of Mantras for Propitiation of Planets - Vak Shakti - Mantras for the Different Planets - Correct Procedure for Reciting Mantras - Procedure for fasting - Benefic effects of blessings from the elders etc. - Vedic Mantras of Planets

Chapter. IV : Propitiation of Planets and Colors - Division of the light of The Sun - Origin of Seven Colors - Relationship of colors with various Planets - Importance of Color Therapy - Practical use of Color Therapy

Chapter. V: Remedial Merits of Gemstones - Gems and Dharma Shastra - Speciality in Gems - The Ruling stone Principles for using gem stones - Suitability of gem stones for various Ascendants

Chapter. VI : Gem Therapy the Seven Rays and Colors of Rainbow - Their Significance and Importance - Cosmic Colors of Planets and their Gems - Principles of Gem Therapy and a Glimpse of Tele - Therapy - Need of cosmic rays for curing Diseases - Rahu and Ketu and their Gems have also Cosmic Rays - How To prepare Gem Medicines

Chapter. VII: Propitiation of Planets - Cheap, Simple, effective and Easy to Perform Rities for Propitation of Planets as given in Lal Kitab - The Explanation about such beliefs - Their Remedial Values and Practical Utility

Chapter. VIII: Various Kinds of afflictions of Planets and their Consequences - What is Destiny? Compoundable and Non-compoundable Sinful Deeds - Information about the nature of Sun, Moon and other Planets and Consequential evil effects of their afflictions - Suitable Remedial Measures

Chapter. IX: Remedial Measures illustrated through Birth Charts

Chapter. X: Consideration of the Twelve Houses in the Context of Remedial Measures

Chapter. XI: Remedial Measures for Diseases caused by Sinful Deeds, as given in Prasna Marga

Chapter. XII: The Panacea of all ills - Gifts of Nature Possessing Remedial Measures - Use of Roots of Herbs and Plants for Propitiation of Planets

Chapter. XIII: Yantras of Sun and other Planets and their Utility

Chapter. XIV: Some Remedial Mantras for Solving Day to Day Problems

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