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Sampoorna Ramayana -  Illustrated
Sampoorna Ramayana - Illustrated

Sampoorna Ramayana - Illustrated

by Kaka Hariom

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Manoj Publications


NA - Year: 2004 - Pages: 200



Kaka Hariom
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Author: Kaka Hariom
Illustrator: J Martin
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 200
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA


Rama is the perfect man. Ramayana is the holy book that tells his story. It teaches us how to live caring for one another. In present day world where families are disintegrating the message of this epic can prove a cementing force.

Rama is incarnation of Provider Lord Vishnu. Sage Valmiki has described Rama as Man Supreme in his epic original, Ramayana. The epic has all the nice value dimensions of life but it is mainly compassion-centric. The original epic is in Sanskrit which requires a special education. So, Goswami Tulsidas wrote the story of Rama in common man's language titled Srimad Ramcharitmanas. He used material from other sources as well. Hence, there are some variations in the narration of some episodes. Valmiki's Rama is Man Supreme whereas Goswami's Rama is godly divine character.

Generally, Ramayana is divided in seven episode - chapters. For recitations in Rama functions the devotees adhere to these seven chapters. In Valmiki's Ramayana 'Lava-Kusha' episode is merely an addenda. But in this book, the episode makes a normal episode-chapter because it reveals the glorious valor of the sons of Rama besides adding new dimensions to the characters of Rama, Sita, Laxmana, Haunmana.


My dream of illustrating the characters of the holy and historic book like Ramayana has been realized in this book. How far I have been able to capture the soul of Ramayana, only the readers can decide.

- J Martin, Illustrator


BALKAND - The Childhood Episode

Parvati's Question
Lord Shiva Narrates the Story of Lord Rama
King Dasharatha, Raghuvansha and Vasishtha
Yajna and the Heavenly Kheer
Kheer distributed among the queens
King Dasharatha Blessed with Sons
King Dasharatha Delighted
Naming ceremony of the sons of Dasharatha
Parents enamoured of the pranks of children
Deight of Ayodhyaites
Education imparted to sons of Dasharatha
Arms training to sons of Dasharatha
Return to Ayodhya
Entry into the Palace
Vishwamitra at the court of king Dasharatha
Vishwamitra discloses his purpose of visit
Vasishtha intercedes with Dasharatha
Rama and Lakshamana depart with Vishwamitra
Tadaka Slain
Protection of Yajna from Mareech and Subahu
Redemption of Ahalya by Lord Rama
Lord Rama and Lakshamana in Janakapuri
Lord Rama and Lakshamana introduced to King Janaka by sage Vishwamitra
Lord Rama's devotion toward sage Vishwamitra
Lord Rama and Sita meet in the royal garden
Sita Ji's prayers to Mother Parvati in the temple of Lord Shiva
Lord Rama and Lakshamana in Sita Swayamvara
King Janaka's Anger and his pungent comment
Lakshamana's Paroxysm of Anger
Sage Vishwamitra permits Lord Rama to break the bow
Lord Rama breaks the bow
Lord Rama garlanded by Sita Ji
Parashurama comes to the place of Swayamvara
Dialogue between Parashurama and Lakshamana
Parashurama's ego shattered by Lord Rama
Marriage Ceremony
Departure of of King Dasharatha to Ayodhya

The Announcement of Coronation of Rama
Kaikayee spells her wishes
Rama exiled
Meeting of Rama-Bharata

The Abduction of Sita
Woords of advice to Shabri
The alliance between Rama and Sugreeva
Death of Bali
Monkeys go in search of Sita

Crosssingh of the Sea
Lanka on fire
Installation of Rameshwaram
Laxmana laid low
Ravana slain
Fire test for Sita

The crowning of Rama
Sita abandoned
The valor of Lava-Kusha
Sita earthed
Rama goes into Saryu

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