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Shadow Tibet
Shadow Tibet

Shadow Tibet

by Jamyang Norbu

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Blue Jay Books


818857581X - Year: 2006 - Pages: 335



Jamyang Norbu
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Author: Jamyang Norbu
Publisher: Blue Jay Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 335
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818857581X


Like alternate worlds in science fiction, two distinct Tibets co-exist these days. One flourishes in the light of celebrity patronage, museum openings, academic opportunities, pop spirituality and New Age fashions. This is the Tibet that has captured the romantic fantasy of the west and which has drawn much of the interest that the Tibet issue receives at the moment. Here, the problems of Tibet: the nation of the Tibetans, is nowhere as relevant or important as that of Tibet: the repository of a secret wisdom to save a materialistic and self-destructive West.

The other Tibet exists in the shadow of a cruel and relentless Darwinian reality. Under Chinese Communist occupation it is a world of paid informers, secret police, prison walls, torture, executions, unemployment, racism and overwhelming cultural loss; reveling itself in individual lives, like sores on plague victims, in alcoholism, sexual degradation, broken families, violence and growing hopelessness. In the exile community this manifests itself, especially in the leadership, in intellectual confusion and complete loss of political direction. Yet, this is also a world, unacknowledged perhaps, of selfless serve, loyalty, love of country- and when called upon-of heroism and sacrifice. This is the world the author has attempted to write about. This is Shadow Tibet.



Opening of the Political Eye
Tibet’s Long Search For Democracy

Imperial Twilight
A Tibetan Perspective on China after Deng Xiaoping

Atrocity and Amnesia
Goldstein and the Revision of Tibetan History

Blowing the Sounds of Emptiness

>From Tibet the Cry is Rangzen!

Songs of Independence

Broken Images
Cultural questions Facing Tibetans Today

The Heart of the Matter
Some Observations on the Independence controversy

Unquiet Memories
The Tibetan Resistance and the Role of the CIA

Writer and Historian
K Dhondup (1952-1995)

Going for Broke
Unwavering Economic Action Against China

Confucius Say
Old Values for New Tyrannies

Non-Violence or Non-Action>
Some Gandhian Truth About the Tibetan Peace Movement

Dances with Yaks
Tibet in film, Fiction and Fantasy of the West

Scholar and Patriot
Tethong Sonam Tomjor (1924-1997)

Shadow Tibet
Images of contemporary Reality

Rite of Freedom
The Life and Sacrifice of Thupten Ngodup

Bungled Bombing
Letter to the Editor

Silent Struggle
Tsongkha Lhamo Tsering (1924-1999)

Enduring Phobias and Superstitions in Tibetan Society (Part I)

Oracle Bones
Random Speculations on China’s Future I

Return of the Referendum

Acme of Obscenity
Tom Grunfeld and The Making of Modern Tibet

Ian Buruma-Jamyang Norbu: an Exchange
The Tibet-China visit According to Peanuts

After the Dalai Lama

Back to the Future
Enduring Phobias and Superstitions in Tibetan Society (Part 2)

The Incredible Weariness of Hope
Tibet, Tibet: a Personal History of a Lost Land by Patrick French

Freedom Wind, Freedom Song
Dispelling Modern Myths about
The Tibetan National Flag and National Anthem

Tibetan Flag in 1934 National Geographic

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