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Shankara and Indian Philosophy
Shankara and Indian Philosophy

Shankara and Indian Philosophy

by Natalia Isayeva

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Sri Satguru Publications


8170303737 - Year: 1993 - Pages: 293



Natalia Isayeva
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Author: Natalia Isayeva
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 293
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170303737


According to Advaita -Vedanta, God or Brahman is identical with the inner self (the Atman) of each person, while the rest of the world is nothing but objective illusion (naya). Shankara maintains that there are two primary higher knowledge that is Brahman itself, and the relative, limited knowledge, regarded as the very texture of the universe.

Consequently, the task of human being is to reach absolute unity and the reality of Brahman-in other words, to reach the innermost self within his or her own being, discarding on the way all temporary characteristics and attributes.

The book is extremely interesting and easy to follow. It will be a landmark work in the study of Shankara. No one else in the last fifty years has had courage to tackle the whole of Shankara’s work in the context of India’s other philosophical traditions. The Comparisons with modern Western thinkers illuminating and suggestive.



1. Introduction
2. The Beginning of Vedanta: A Historical Sketch
3. Biography of Sankara
4. Pure Brahman as Consciousness: Apophetic Theology and the Problem
5. Brahman as Being: Cataphatic Theology and the Boldness of Heretics
6. Brahman in Language and Ritual: Freedom and Moral Duties
7. Conclusion



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