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Sharanagati : Surender to God
Sharanagati : Surender to God

Sharanagati : Surender to God

by A R K Sarma

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Advaita Ashram


N/A - Year: 2008 - Pages: 106



A R K Sarma
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Author: A R K Sarma
Publisher: Advaita Ashram
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 106
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Though gold is always valuable, a gold coin has its own relevance if is a current coin. Similarly, he who was Rama and Krishna became Ramakrishna in the modern age to set a different ideal before the people relevant to the times.

After traversing through all the paths to perfection specially prescribed in Hinduism, he came to the definite conclusion that the path of bhakti or devotion advocated by the sage Narada was best suited to this age since people are Annagataprana or very much attached to their physical bodies. The essence of this path of devotion is Nama Japa (repetition of the divine name) and Sharanagati (total surrender to the divine will).

Here is a work entitled Sharangati spread over nine chapters containing a wealth of information useful to the spiritual aspirants inclined towards bhakti or devotion. Apart from defining devotion to God from different standpoints to proving its superiority over other paths, the author has expounded the subject in great detail, drawing heavily from the t4acins of Sri Ramakrishna. The work has been embellished by adding from the teachings of another modern saint, the Ramana Maharishi.

The book is also replete with several line drawings based upon the life and incidents of Sri Ramakrishna. This small treatise of Sharangati will prove to be a boon to the spiritual seekers.


1. Superiority of Bhakti over other paths
2. Significance of Mantra and Japa
3. Types of Bhaktas and Definitions of Bhakti
4. Computer programming of unconscious mind
5. Transition from Lower Bhakti to Higher Bhakti
6. Sri Ramakrishna Talks on Sharanagati to Devotees
7. Sharanagati as advocated by Sri Ramana Maharshi
8. Tips for Different Groups on Devotional Practices
9. Twenty Frequently Asked Questions on Sharanagati

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