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Author: Chaduranga
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CHADURANAGA (M Subrahmanyaraje Urs), novelist, short story-writer, dramatist and film-maker, wrote just four novels - Sarvamangala, Uyyale, Vaishakha and Hejjala - but he has carved for himself a unique position in the history of the modern Kannada novel because of the representative character of his fictional work. Chaduranga's experience of literature was as extensive as his life experience and he actively participated in all the literary movements of his time - Navodaya, Pragatishila and Navya.

His first novel Sarvamangala which brought him considerable popularity both as novel and film was a product of the romantic idealism generated by the Navodaya movement. Uyyale, which followed next, incorporated several features of progressive literature introduced into Kannada by A N Krishnarao, Niranjana and others. Vaishakha, his third novel, which won for him the Sahitya Akademi Award, was a modernistic experiment which also imbibed the spirit of the literature of protest born as reaction to the Navya movement. His last novel Hejjala, published a few months before he died, has strong thematic affinities with Vaishakha but opts for pre-modernistic fictional techniques like the picaresque. The representative quality of Chaduranga's work in fiction constitutes its strength as well as its limitation.

Vaishaka - The Tale of Lakka
This Sahitya Akademi Award winning novel, translated from Kannada original, presents a variety of man-woman relationships but it not a novel about sex or love.

Baisakh (URDU)
This book is Urdu translation of Chaduranga's Akademi award-winning novel - Vaishaka in Kannada. It has been translated by Urdu writer K Muddanna

Vaisakh (PUNJABI)
This book is Punjabi translation of Chaduranga's Akademi award-winning Kannada novel. It has been translated by Loveleen Jolly.


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