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Joginder Paul Collection
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Sleepwalkers (Novella+Stories+Essays)
by Joginder Paul      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $16.40 USD

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ProductID: 1028 - Paperback - 226 Pages (Year: 1998)
Katha ~ ISBN: 8185586802

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Buy Together: Sleepwalkers (Novella+Stories+Essays) ($16.40) and Lahore 1947 ($34.95) Get

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Sleepwalkers is an alluring window to the writings of some of the giants of Indian literature.

A much -acclaimed novella about migration. Simple, suggestive, subtle.

Also included are two excellent Urdu stories chosen by the author, which unravel astonishingly dissimilar responses to the theme of religious morality, as well as essays by eminent critics that give this volume an added dimension.

 Table of Contents

Introduction Sleepwalkers - a novella by Joginder Paul translated by Sunil Trivedi and Sukrita Paul Kumar On Writing Sleepwalkers Some remarks by Joginder Paul On Sleepwalkers An essay by Wazir Agha translated by Nagma Zafir The Art of Joginder Paul An essay by Qamar Rais translated bu Abdul Naseeb Khan On "The Goatherd" & " A Palace in Paradise' Some remarks by Joginder Paul The Goatherd A story by Ashfaque Ahmad translated by Ameena K Ansari A Palace in Paradise A story by Sajid Rashid translated by Naghma Zafir Self-Obituary By Joginder Paul translated by Atanu Bhattacharya & Depli Saika About Joginder Paul The Contributors


 About the Author

JOGINDER PAUL, born in Sialkot, Pakistan, migrated to India at the time of the Partition. He has to his credit three novels, two novellas and many collections of short stories. Acknowledged as one of the leading Urdu writers of the subcontinent, his fiction has received much critical acclaim and has been translated into various Indian and foreign languages.


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