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K C Kanda Collection
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Urdu Ghazals - An Anthology From 16th to 20th Century (URDU-ENGLISH)
by K C Kanda      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $34.75 USD

Usually Delivers in 10 - 15 Business Days

ProductID: 114 - Paperback - 363 Pages (Year: 1999/2003)
Sterling ~ ISBN: 8120718267

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This book is a companion volume to author's earlier book, Masterpieces of Urdu Ghazal which contained English translations of 108 ghazals selected from nine major poets. The present volume contains 129 ghazals representing 20 outstanding Urdu poets. Thus, this anthology, taken together with The Masterpieces, may rightly claim to be a fully representative collection of Urdu ghazals in English translation. The ghazals are carefully selected and explained in English for the average readers as well as Urdu Connoisseurs. The book contains brief biographical notes and introductory essays on the ghazals.


 About the Author

K C Kanda has had long experience as a teacher of English in Punjab and Delhi Universities. He holds a first class first in Urdu and a Doctorate in English from Delhi University. While English poetry has been his forte professionally, Urdu poetry has been his love since his school days. He has produced seven anthologies of selected Urdu poetry rendered into versified English. Dr Kanda was given the Delhi Urdu Akademi Special Award in 1997 for excellence in translation, and he is currently working on a Master-Couplets of Urdu Poetry arranged subject-wise.


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