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Meera S Sashital Collection
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Moral Legends From Epics And Puranas
by Meera S Sashital      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $12.50 USD

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ProductID: 14751 - Paperback - 115 Pages (Year: 2005)
English Edition Publishers ~ ISBN: 8189066293

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Buy Together: Moral Legends From Epics And Puranas ($12.50) and 44 Fantasy Stories - Chandamama Stories of Courage, Valour, Wisdom and Moral Values (ILLUSTRATED) ($14.95)

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Hitopadesh (HINDI)
by Sri Narain Pandit Description

Our India is full of cultural heritage and literature. Our literature in Hinduism mainly consists of Vedas, the two great Epics viz. the Mahabharata and Ramayana and the Puranas. Almost every Hindu knows about them even though due to lack of time or other reasons, he has not been able to read all of them in minute detail.

The Epics and the Puranas through these legends convey to us about the lives of the people of those times. They tell us about the kings, sages, ascetics, men and women. They describe their religious life, devotion to their Ishta Devata and their politics. Moreover, human nature with their pride, jealousy, virtues and vices, Truth, greatness, penance to attain the Supreme Being and
God’s judgment to triumph of good over evil-all these are described in legend form. They are not just legends written without purpose. They teach us righteousness, code of ethics and propound highest morals.

 Table of Contents



Mata Vaishno Devi
Legends of Mata Vaishno Devi
Devi Chintpurni
Vajreshwari Devi
Bhakta Dhruva
Sage Agastya
Sati Sukanya
Sage Kausika Attains Wisdom
Sati Anasuya
Saint Narasimha Saraswati
Jagamitra Naga
Kali the Mother
Janardana Swami
Thirumazhisai Alwar
Swami Chakradhar
Sati Ahalya
Bhakta Sudama
The Generous Usinara
Satyakama the Truthful
Shuka Deva
The King who Became a Lizard
Yavakrida’s Fruitless Penance
King Trishanku’s Strange Resolve
The Story of Pururava and Urvasi
Truth is Dearer Than Life
Episode of a Forbearing Brahmin
Pride of Jajali Curbed
Gajendra Moksha
Mere Learning is not Enough
A Pound of Flour
Daanveer Karna
Bhima’s Pride Curbed
Yuhdhistra’s Trial
The Greatness of a Tulsi Leaf
Krishna Comes to Draupadi’s Aid
Bhrigu and the Triad


 About the Author

MST MEERA S SASHITAL (nee Savkur) was born in Udipi (S Kanara) in 1930. She was educated in Calcutta and graduated from Calcutta University with philosophy (Hons.). She also did Sangeet Visharad through Bengal Music College affiliated to Bhatkande Music college of Lucknow. She completed her M A with Sociology through Bombay University while doing service. Due to her flair for writing. Her books Gems From Mythology and Rosary of Saints have been published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Stewn Pearls by English Edition.


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