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Bina Parasramka Collection
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Indian Recipes Under 30 Minutes
by Bina Parasramka ,  Jeani Mohindra ,  Kalp Mithal      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $22.45 USD

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ProductID: 15216 - Paperback - 96 Pages (Year: 2005)
Roli Books ~ ISBN: 8174363505

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Basic Food Preparation - A Complete Manual
by Eminent Contributors Description

Indian Recipes Under 30 Minutes is unlike any other cookbook because it teaches you the art of cooking a tasty and delectable dish in less than half-an-hour. A goldmine of instructions, these 70 recipes create not just authentic flavours from all regions of India, but also cut down cooking time without compromising on the taste. You learn to rustle up a delicious degchi soola murgh (smoked chicken) from Rajasthan; yakhni (stewed lamb in yoghurt) form Kashmir; murgi kalia (chicken in tomato curry) from Bengal; and, lamb stew from Kerala.

This book tells you how you can avoid taking easy and, sometimes, more costly ways out when time is short but the palate is demanding! For single men and women, young and old, this collection of quick and easy recipes, will enable even the laziest cook to prepare a lip-smacking Indian dish in less than 30 minutes and even turn a reluctant and timid cook into an amateur chef.

 Table of Contents



Murg bannu kebab
Murg Seekh
Degchi Soola Murg
Murg Pudina
Saag Murg
Keema Matar
Kokur Roganjosh
Murgi Kalia
Tomato-flavoured Chicken
Murg Tariwaala
Tagan na tarkari per eda

Gilafi Seekh Kebab
Seekh Kebab
Buzith Mahts
Mangsho Cutlet
Kashmiri Kalia
Tamb Stew
Tsarvan Olu

Doi Maach
Mathi Pappas
Peixe Recheado
Caranguejos Recheados
Lau Chingri
Sas Ni Machhi
Meen Vevichattu
Pabda maacher Jhaalchemeen Manga Curry
Caldinho de Piexe
Era kozhambu
Machhi Patia
Methi Aloo
Tandoori Aloo
Aloo Sabu Dana Bara
Olu Manjivor
Malai Paneer
Paneer Croquettes
Sukhi Urad Dal
Meethi Kadhi
Kadala Curry
Tsok Vangun

Beringelas Picantes
Besan Ki Hari Mirch
Beans Nu Shak
Palunga Ko Saag
Amilo Pharshi

Tud-tud Bhata
Kanguchi Pulao
Nimbu Bhat
Thayir Saddam
Mangodi Pulao
Surati salad
Methi Ki Roti
Missi Roti
Matar Ki Puri
Aloo Paratha
Pyaz Ka Raita
Pudina Raita


Badaam Halwa
Rawa Kesari
Yel Adai
Ale Bele
Badaam Burfee
Rose de coco





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