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Tejwant Singh Gill Collection
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Sant Singh Sekhon - Selected Writings
by Tejwant Singh Gill      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 17070 - Hardcover - 578 Pages (Year: 2005)
Sahitya Akademi ~ ISBN: 81-260-1999-9

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The volume includes selected writings of Sant Singh Sekhon, the most innovative writer of Punjabi in the 20th century. Starting his literary career as a poet of English, albeit of great promise, he shifted to Punjabi out of deep alignment with Punjab, its language, literature and culture.

Though modern literary forms, short story and one-act play for example, may have originated with his predecessors, they owe their beginning to him. If criticism has come to perform a directive role in interplay with writings in Punjabi, it was largely because he devised it as a creative genre. Included here are his critical articles, covering Punjabi poets of all the eras. Sekhon was also a prolific translator, professing a distinct theory of translation.

Neither literal conversion nor transliteration seemed veritable to him. Samples of his translation also figure in the volume in ample measure in which he seeks to pose a creative tension between Punjabi and English. Half the writing comprising this volume were written by Sekhon in English.

 Table of Contents


Sant Singh Sekhon-His Life, Times and Writings


I Grope In The Dark
My Revenge
The Picture
A Sop To The Enemy
One Has To Outgrow
At Random
I Want
Only One Face
A Young Woman
Fire Washed
For You Aren’t Near
O What A Song!
The Poet
Spanish Militiaman To His Wife
Virgin Youth
The Stake Of Immortality
Us Sheep Us Lambs
Jawaharlal Nehru
The Ravaged Breast


Pemi’s Children
Some Random Remarks About Pemi’s Children
The Ploughman
Widow, Again
Blaming the Blameless
The Final Farewell
Sham Lal, Vedanti
Kesu Flowers


Why did The Ascetic Pine?
Fraternal Bondage
Eve At Bay
Sheikh Chili
Paragon Of Peace


Husband and Wife
The Unloved Father
Bhagat Singh
Autobiography (Excerpts)

My Birthday and Childhood
All Over A Book


The Writer And The State
Specificity Of Literature
Translation Is An Art
The Concept Of the Unity Of India In Punjabi Literature
Ranjit Singh And His Punjab
Impact Of The October revolution And Socialist Ideology On Punjabi Literature
The Jat In the Theatre
A Russian Scholar On Punjabi Literature
The Jat In the Theatre
A Russian Scholar On Punjabi Literature
A note On The Short-story
One Act Plays: Its Formal Norms


The Creed Of Guru Nanak In Prospect
Guru Nanak Dev’s Canon
Guru Arjan Dev: His Philosophical Content
Sheikh Farid’s Compositions
Guru Gobind Singh’s Prayer
Kissas And Romances
Bhai Vir Singh’s Poetry
Puran Singh and Puran Bhagat
Mohan Singh
Punjabi Criticism
Reading Hopkins’s

TRANSLATIONS (from Punjabi)

Sheikh Farid
Guru Nanak Dev’s Compositions
Guru Gobind Singh’s Prayer
>From Heer Waris
Shiv Batalvi’s Luna
I Believe




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