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Imayam Collection
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Maya (Music CD) by Hari Prasad Chaurasia

by Imayam      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 18607 - Paperback - 235 Pages (Year: 2006)
Katha ~ ISBN: 8187649275

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Buy Together: Arumugam ($20.90) and The Grip of Change and Author's Notes ($18.10)

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A timeless tale of a child denied his childhood; Arumugam explores the relationship between a mother and son, the difficult emotions that weave their stories into a single fabric of love. Thrown from a secure, loving home into the cruel world of the Chekkumedu prostitutes, Arumugam learns that his perceptions of life are as unreal as wisps of smoke and understands in the end, that the only truth is the voice of a loving heart.

Expertly translated by D Krishna Ayyar, Katha presents one of the finest contemporary writers in Tamil.


Imayam is one of the first Tamil Writes to bring the dalits to life through his exquisite novels.
-Sundara Ramaswamy


IMAYAM (V ANNAMALAI), teaches English at a high school in Vridhachalam, Tamilnadu. He made his mark on the Tamil Literary Scene with his very first novel, Koveru Kazhuthaigal, published in 1994, which created heated debates on issues like the role of a Dalit writer in the context of oppression seen within the Dalit community.

He is a recipient of the Agni Akshara Award, the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers Association Award and the Amutham Adigal Award. Arumugam is his second novel.


D KRISHNA AYYAR has, for the past decade and a half, been devoting time exclusively to the study of Advaita Vedanta under a traditional preceptor, after an active career with the central government. During the freedom struggle he was inspired by the national spirit and throughout his life by leftist and Gandhian ideologies.


 About the Author

IMAYAM is the pen name of V Annamalai, a school teacher in South Arcot district, Tamilnadu. 'Koveru Kazhugaigal', published in 1994, is his first novel. He has since published 'Arumugam', a novel in 1999. He has won the Agni Akshara Award and the Tamilnadu Progressive Writers Association Award.


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