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Sudha Murty Collection
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The Magic Drum And Other Favourite Stories
by Sudha Murty      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $14.20 USD

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ProductID: 19763 - Paperback - 145 Pages (Year: 2006)
Penguin/Puffin ~ ISBN: 0143330063

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Buy Together: The Magic Drum And Other Favourite Stories ($14.20) and Gulabi Talkies and Other Stories ($19.95)

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How I Taught My Grandmother To Read and Other Stories
by Sudha Murty

Mahashwetha - A Novel
by Sudha Murty Description

A princess who thinks she was a bird, a coconut that cost a thousand rupees, and a shepherd with a bag of words . .

Kings and misers, princes and paupers, wise men and foolish boys, the funniest and oddest men and women come alive in this sparkling new collection of stories. The clever princess will only marry the man who can ask her a question she cannot answer; the orphan boy outwits his greedy uncles with a bag of ash; and an old couple in distress is saved by a magic drum.

Sudha Murty’s grandparents told her some of these stories when she was a child; others she heard from her friends from around the world. These delightful and timeless folktales have been her favourites for years, and she has recounted them many times over to the young people in her life. With this collection, they will be enjoyed by many more readers, of all ages.

 Table of Contents


The Supermen
A Fair Deal
The Seed of Truth
Haripant The Wise
The Last Laddoo
The tastiest of Al
The Cunning Fruit
Nine Questions For a Princess
Dead Man's Painting
The White Crow
The Horse in The Burrow
The Very Expensive Coconut
The Wise King
A Bottle of Dew
Two Thieves
The Best Friend
Good Luck, Gopal
Nakul's First Lesson
Golden Silence
Emperor of Alakavati
The Case of the Missing Necklace
A Question of Maths
The Clever Brothers
The Lucky Purse
Two Unforgettable Lessons!
United We Stand
Where Did It Go?
The Princess who was a bird
The price is Right
A Lesson for the Uncles
A Bag of Words
Magic in the Air
The Selfish Groom
The Tired Horse
A Minister's Test
A Cure for Laziness
The Magic Drum


 About the Author

SUDHA MURTY was born in 1950 in Shiggon in Haveri district of north Karnataka. An M Tech in Computer Science, she is currently the Chairperson of Infosys Foundation. She has to her credit seven novels, including Dollar Sose, which is being serialized for Zee TV, four technical books and three travelogues, all in Kannada. She is a prolific columnist and the author of nineteen books-eight novels, three collections of short stories, four technical books, three travelogues and one compilation of anecdotes for children. And most of these books have been translated into different language under 73 titles. Besides her other books, her English books wise & Otherwise etc.


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