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Bhalchandra Mungekar Collection
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Buddhism and the Contemporary World - An Ambedkarian Perspective
by Bhalchandra Mungekar ,  Aakash Singh Rathore      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 22166 - Hardcover - 218 Pages (Year: 2007)
Bookwell ~ ISBN: 8189640305

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This book presents a collection of papers delivered at the First International Buddhist Conference held in Mumbai along with an essay especially written for this volume.

The papers concentrate both on challenges and issues of the contemporary world addressed by Buddhism, as well the capacity of Buddhism to squarely counter these challenges through an Ambedkarian perspective. The themes of the book include Buddhism Now and Buddhist Perspectives on Global Issues, and also Ambedkarian Buddhism and Post-Ambedkar Buddhism in India.

The contributors to the book range form leading academics to senior administrators as well as activists.

 Table of Contents


Foreword By S.Jaipal Reddy


PART ONE: Buddhism Now: Issues and Challenges

Buddhism and World Peace: A Turning Point for
Christopher Queen

Buddhism in the 21st Century: Three Challenges
Thom Wolf

Dr. Ambedkar’s interpretation of Buddhism and Its
Contemporary Relevance
Bhalchadra Mungekar

PART TWO: Ambedkarian Buddhism

Dr. Ambedkar’s Predecessors on the Path Towards
Braj Ranjan Mani

The Ambedkarian Conversion in Contemporary
Ramesk Kamble

What Can Budddha Teach a Marxit?
Aakash Singh Rathore

Dr. Ambedkar’s Approach to Dhamma

PART THREE: Global Issues: Buddhist Perspectives

Globliization and Dalits: Lessons from the Buddha
Anand Teltumbde

Buddhism as Pacifism
G.N. Kamble

Buddhism and Human Development
Anand S. Krishna

PART FOUR: Post-Ambedkar Buddhism in India

Impact of Buiddhis Conversion: A Case Study of
The Ex-Maharas in Maharashtra
D. S. Janbadhu & Gautam Gawali

Buddhist Education in India
Nishikant Wagmare

Rekindling Buddhist Cultural Identity in India
Sham Tagade
Holistic Health: The Buddhist Perspective
R.R. Shinde




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