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J P L Gwynn Collection
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Oxford Telugu - English Dictionary
by J P L Gwynn      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 28763 - Hardcover - 569 Pages (Year: 2011)
Oxford University Press ~ ISBN: 9780195628630

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The dictionary contains about 28,000 headwords with an extensive vocabulary based firmly on the language of everyday affairs and present day literature.

It also incorporates many forms from the classical tradition which have entered the language of the people. The dictionary contains numerous examples of usage including grammatical constructions, proverbs, colloquialisms and idiomatic phrases. Words that are frequently used and pose problems in translation, are treated exhaustively.

Though primarily designed for English speaking users, the dictionary will also serve Telugu speakers who wish to improve their understanding of English.


Oxford Telugu-English Dictionary

An authoritative dictionary for students, teachers, translators and general readers
1. Over 28,000 headwords
2. Extensive vocabulary based on current usage as well as literary texts
3. Numerous examples of usage including grammatical constructions, idioms and phrases
4. In-depth treatment of words that may pose problems in translation

 Table of Contents

Principal book Studied
Telugu-English Dictionary


 About the Author

J.P.L. Gwynn was a senior member of the Indian Civil Service and worked with the Government of Andhra Pradesh for two decades. A keen student of comparative philology, he closely studied the Telugu language during his tenure in Andhra Pradesh. This dictionary is a result of twelve years of dedicated research during which he was assisted by Dr. J. Venkateswara Sastry.


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