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Rashmi Bajaj Collection
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Women Indo-Anglian Poets - A Critique
by Rashmi Bajaj      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 3907 - Hardcover - 360 Pages (Year: 1996)
Asian Publication Services ~ ISBN: N/A

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A mirror of the evolving Indian feminine psyche.

This compendious work analyzes the entire spectrum of poetry composed in English by Indian women, from Toru Dutt (1878) to Renee Ranchan (1995). A comprehensive study of thematic and stylistic aspects of more than twenty five major poets and many versifiers.

This work is highly remarkable for both its literary and social significance - a valuable contribution to Indo-Anglican literature and women writing.


 About the Author

RASHMI BAJAJ has a brilliant academic career culminating in her getting PhD thesis on modern Indian Women Poets. She is a lecturer in English, and frequently writes for the leading newspapers, journals, and is also a poet in her own right.


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