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Shiv K Kumar Collection
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The Best of Faiz
by Shiv K Kumar      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 8041 - Paperback - 200 Pages (Year: 2001/2003)
UBS Publishers ~ ISBN: 8174763309

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Buy Together: The Best of Faiz ($16.50) and 100 Poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz ($33.50) Get

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Poet, journalist, translator, film-maker, broadcaster, Marxist activist and recipient of the Lenin Peqace Prize, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, grew into a legend in his lifetime. With his death in 1984, his admirers all over the world felt as if a literary era had come to an end. According to Edward Said, a celebrated orientalist, Faiz is 'greatest of contemporary Urdu poets'.

Being a liberal humanist, Faiz's poetic vision recognised no national barriers. His poetry, musical and multiversant, has lent itself readily to such renowned ghazal singers as Begun Akhtar, Mehdi Hasan, Iqbal Bano, and Noor Jehan.

This translation in English presents the best of Faiz's poems, with parallel Roman script, to enable even non-Urdu readers to enjoy poetry that articulates the entire range of human emotions. Here is a book for all lovers of poetry to read and preserve.

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 About the Author

Novelist, short-story writer, poet, playwright, translator and critic, Shiv K Kumar was born in Lahore. He received hid doctorate in English Literature from Cambridge University. Kumar has published three novels, six collections of poems, a collection of short stories, a play, a translation of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and several scholarly works. He received the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award for his collection of poems Trapfalls in the Sky.


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