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Joginder Paul Collection
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Sleepwalkers ((Novella+Stories+Essays)
by Joginder Paul      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 8253 - Hardcover - 124 Pages (Year: 2001)
Katha ~ ISBN: 8187649143

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by Sarat Chandra Chattaopadhyay Description

A tale of two cities, of shifting locales, of migration of Lucknowis resettling in Karachi and creating their own world there. It depicts the predicament of Post-Partition refugees in a way that has never been done before.

A powerful story of nostalgia and recreation of a beloved past, of a sane madness and insane reality. The author explores and perceives cultural and psychological truths in ordinary events of life and he does so emphatically.

Joginder Paul captures the essential duality of a migrant's psyche, at home and yet not fully at ease, living in the present yet constantly looking back at what once was…they are the victims of history. He has obviously trod similar ground and experienced at first hand the bewildering uncertainty of the migrant sensibility.


SUKRITA PAUL KUMAR, a painter and a poet, teaches English literature at the University of Delhi. She has three collections of poems to her credit and edited The New Story, Breakthrough, Mapping Memories and Ismat: Her Life, Her Times. She is the recipient of the Bharat Nirman Award for her contribution to literature and art.

SUNIL TRIVEDI was educated in Calcutta and Allahabad and is involved in a serious study of Hindi, Urdu and English literatures. His knowledge of different languages including Sanskrit, combined with his sensitivity to literature make him a very competent translator.


 About the Author

JOGINDER PAUL, born in Sialkot, Pakistan, migrated to India at the time of the Partition. He has to his credit three novels, two novellas and many collections of short stories. Acknowledged as one of the leading Urdu writers of the subcontinent, his fiction has received much critical acclaim and has been translated into various Indian and foreign languages.


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